Saturday, April 7, 2012

A-Z Challenge! G is for Gaga

I absolutely love Lady Gaga!!!!! Can't really pin point the exact reason why. I love that she does outlandish creative things and is constantly giving the world something new to talk about. I love that she stands for something...she's not just some attention seeker. And talent....she oozes it. She is a pop singer and so often pop singers are ridiculed for their genre. But I love music that is fun and catchy and you can dance to it. And her stuff is edgy too...always pushing boundaries.

But sometimes she does go too far and sometimes her stunts distract from her real talent.

Lady Gaga...are you a fan???


  1. Yes... and no. To begin with, I just didn't like her because she was EVERYWHERE! then I realised, like you said, that she oozes talent. You have to admire the girl.

  2. I am a fan. I really like what she stands for. I think her outfits are outrageous though. Lol.

  3. Gaga is pretty wild! There's talent under all the hype, so I respect that. I went to see Iron Maiden in Tampa last year and she was there in the audience as a fan, which I thought was funny. Who knew?

  4. I can't say that I'm a fan. But I recognize she has got a lot of talent.

  5. I'm not really a fan. I think its a bit sad so many people idolize stuff like this. I think it says a lot about the dumbing down of America.