Friday, April 20, 2012

A-Z Challenge Day #18: Rrrrrrrrrrrrrr is for....

Yeah...this one is REALLLY a stretch.

R is for Pirates of the in " Maties!"

Yeah, sorry...that was lame.

Moving on. Disney did good when they made the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I have always been a HUGE fan of the attraction, going back to 1989 and my first trip to Disneyland. It took me more than a decade after that to make it to Walt Disney World in Florida, but Pirates of the Caribbean was top on my list of attractions to do. Loved every second!

So when the movie came out, I wondered how they would make it into a story. And it didn't disappoint. So many parts in the movies are inspired by the attraction. And then the movie went and inspired the attraction, with the addition of animatronic Captain Jack Sparrow (which is freaking sexy, BTW-even the robot) and Captain Barbossa. And the smokey mist with Davy Jones on so awesome.

Anyway, no post about POTC would be complete without mentioning my favorite- Will Turner. OMG! I was never a LOTR fan..he looked creepy and not remotely sexy. But as a pirate...shiver me timbers!


  1. My wife has a picture of her and Depp from the wax museum in Vegas. She's groping the guy and has her leg thrown up over him.

    That guy drives women insane no matter what he's dressed in.

    - Eric

  2. Great movie! And I LOVE Orlando Bloom (even in LOTR)! Sizzle!! :)

  3. Fun movie and Orlando Bloom is great in anything - especially LotR :P

  4. loved the first movie. Wish I could go see the rides :) PS - thanks for the button on the Chick Lit Challenge further down - I've joined in :)