Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A-Z Challenge Day 4- D is for...


I wish I could remember the first time I saw it. I know I was like 11 or 12.....and remember feeling so awesome when I turned 13 and could "officially" watch it, since it is rated PG13.

The dancing and music and romance and drama.....oh I love it!!! My friends and I used to put it on and dance around the living room, singing the songs at the top of our lungs! And this one time, we went camping and guess what we happened upon?? Yep...a log...over a little creek. It was way tinier than the movie, but that didn't stop us from dancing on it all day with a boom box playing "Hey Baby."

And as I got older, I could so totally relate to the shy nerdy girl dying to be with the hot, popular guy. And like Baby, I did get my chance once. Those memories have stuck with me my entire life!

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  1. Excellent D post! Dirty Dancing is one of my favourite films of all time, and I love that you tried to re-enact the Hey Baby scene!

  2. Nice D post :)

    I remember loving Dirty Dancing so much when I was younger. I think I was in grade six when it came out, so I was about the perfect age to be completely swept away by it. And I was. I totally was :)

    I bet I'd still cry today at 'Nobody puts Baby in the corner' *sniff sniff*

  3. Hi, I am 78 and still enjoy watching Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey dancing in that movie. I may be old, but not dead yet. Ha. Thanks for reminding me of the movie and telling about your feelings about it at different ages. I loved Swayze in "Ghost" as well.
    Regards to you, Ruby