Saturday, April 14, 2012

A-Z Challenge Day 13!

M is for Musicals!!! I guess this post goes hand in hand with my C post..which was Chicago. I am such a sucker for a great musical..even if I'm watching it in my own home instead of a theater.

I remember my first time watching Grease on TV. My mom and dad let me stay up late to watch it. Love it!  The music and so fun!! And what kid didn't love The Wizard of Oz?

Those were the movies/musicals that started my love, but now I love so many others too: Hairspray, Chicago, Wicked, even High School Musical! I recently saw the preview for the Rock of Ages movie and I sooooo wanna see that!!!

And I adore Glee too, which is a musical on TV every week!


  1. I love musicals! I remember watching Wizard and Sound of Music every year when they came on TV. Loved those night! :)

  2. Even bad musicals are good (when the story is bad, that is, not when peeps are singing off-key). I love Hair - and it breaks my heart; Oklahoma, Wicked, Tommy, Camelot, Grease - and don't forget the Rocky Horror Picture Show!

  3. I love musicals! Grease was a favourite when I was growing up, and Grease 2! I loved Hairspray before it was a musical, but the new version is cool too! :D

  4. We watched Chicago last night and now I am in the mood to watch Grease!!!

  5. Hey one more sucker here :-)
    From the time I saw Sound of Music way back in 1964 I have not missed any.... some more than once, like Chicago, Fiddler on the .... Seven Brides... Singing in the rain..... oh the list is endless.
    Let that tribe thrive and make more of them :-)