Monday, April 2, 2012

A-Z Challenge! B is for......


As I mentioned yesterday, my A-Z is all about movies, music, and books this year. And I can't do it without mentioning this awesome band, considering they sing my most favorite song of all time.

I was never a huge fan of rock/alternative music until I started dating my husband. I was 17, almost 18. It was the mid 90's when all things grunge and alternative were huge. Before that I'd always been more a fan of hip hop and pop music, though I did like rock songs they played on top 40 radio stations. At the time, there wasn't a whole lot. But he listened to a lot of great music and I started liking it too. Bush was one of those bands.

Machinehead was my favorite Bush song for a while, but then I fell in love with Glycerine. AWESOME!!!!! In 1997 we got there chance to see Bush at Madison Square Garden. So great!

And I will leave you with this amazing video from MTV Spring Break the rain!!! So so hot!!


  1. If I understand, you've been Bush-league since the 90s. Um, well, OK — I guess.

    So, did you vote for Bush — as in George Bush — father or son? Or were they not members of the Bush band?

    Bears are easily confused by concepts like these. For us, the most important Bush is the one covered with berries.

    1. Um....okay...then! LOL!!!! Just talking about the band and their music and who much I like it.

  2. I know the name, but I can't think of a single song I know. Not even the video helped!

    Anyway... I'm just passing through on the A-Z list. I'm #142!

  3. Machinehead is one of my all time favorite songs. I love listening to it when I'm running. Bush is definitely a favorite of mine!
    Great post and happy A-Z blogging!

  4. Hmmm. 1996. I was still working about a hundred hours a week and dreaming of retirement. When I did have a chance to listen to music, it was probably a radio station playing golden oldies. :D

    Patricia Stoltey

  5. Great band, such a distinctive sound!