Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ooops! Almost forgot O!!!

Stretching here with this one I think....

On this 20th day of the A-Z Challenge, my O topic is..... O'Hara. As in, Scarlet :)

I adore Gone With The Wind...and would have liked to talk about it on G day...but I went with Gaga instead :) So we'll talk about it today. But I think it's a good O topic, since the family's name and heritage was such a huge part of who they were.

I remember hearing about this reeeeeeaaaalllllly long book when I was in college I think. Before that, I hand't really known much about GWTW. Why, I really have no clue. But somehow I heard about it and what it was about and it seemed interesting. And I liked the challenge of reading this insanely long book. So I borrowed it from my college's library. And read. And read. And read some more. It really did suck me right in and keep me hooked....though the war did go on kinda long and was kinda dragged out...but really...I guess that was true to how it really was. I remember bawling my eyes out at the end...so wanting the HEA for Rhett and Scarlet, but loving the book even without it.

Then I had to see the movie. I remember being home for the weekend or on break and renting it with my boyfriend (who I am now married too!) and laying together on my parent's couch for the 3 hours or whatever. And I loved that too. The sets and costumes, so gorgeous and amazing. The story I'd come to love had come to life. Though it did disappoint me somewhat....but obviously you can't include every part of a book that long in a movie...the thing was long enough as it was!

Fast forward a few years. Hubby and I were married and took a road trip to visit friends in Charlotte. And while we were there I came up with the brilliant idea to visit a bed and breakfast I'd read about- Inn Scarlet's Footsteps, just outside Atlanta. So we left Charlotte a day early and drove to Atlanta. We visited the Margaret Mitchell House, where she lived when she wrote GWTW and stayed at the gorgeous plantation house that had been transformed into a B&B. We ere int he Rhett room! So so amazing! As a native northerner, it really was a whole different world for us. I remember the owner exclaiming at breakfast in a very cheerful tone, "We're full of Yankees today!" There was a couple there from Ohio on their honeymoon and it completely amused me that the woman referred to us as Yankees!

And I did read the sequel to GWTW- Scarlet, and saw the movie. Not great, but not awful. I guess it gave fans the HEA they were craving and didn't really get originally.


  1. ey Stephanie,nice to meet you. also a BIG fan of GWTW. Great post.

  2. I never read the book, but the movie is a CLASSIC! It has to be part of any self-respecting movie-fans collection! :)

  3. Gone with the Wind is one of many classic movies that I never watched nor did I ever read the book that it's based on. My interest in the film and book all changed last year, however, when I watched "The Outsiders" starring Patrick Swayze and Matt Dillon. Now, I want to find out what Ponyboy found so fascinating!

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  4. I love GWTW. A true classic. Great post and I love your blog it is simply beautiful!

  5. O'Hara works, lol.

    I didn't read the book either - although I may have it on my Kindle in hopes I'll find that much time to spend on a single novel.

    Loved the movie, and I think the lack of the HEA is what made it wonderful for me. I'm just weird that way :)

    I envy you experience at the B&B. That sounds awesome.