Friday, April 27, 2012

X is a tough one.....

But since I am doing a theme- Music, Movies, and Books, I actually have one.

X is for X-tina.

I prefer not to focus on her lack of fashion sense or her divorce or weight gain or any of the there things in the tabloids. We'll focus on what matters: The Voice.

And not the show she judges...her actual voice.

I remember when Christina Aguilara came out. This cute little blonde singing about a genie in a  bottle. You gotta rub her the right way! The song was fun and poppy and you could dance to it. Everything I love. But she could really belt it out too. I remember the back and forth back then between her and Brittany, who I was never really a fan of. Who would win the Grammy for Best New Artist??? I was so glad when they'd announced Christina's name. She deserved it..and every one since. I believe Brittany is still Grammy-less.

But anyway, Christina had never had a squeaky image, but when her second album came out, that girl was Dirty!  But everyone loved her, including me. And she had the vocals to prove she was more than just a semi-clothed attention seeker. And she still is.


  1. A to Z! I love it. Xtina. I have a cousin with that name who used to have her sweats labeled that way. Xtina, just like Xmas. As far as the singer goes... eh, I never did get into her music. But I didn't like Brittany, either. So, no hard feelings, kay? :D

  2. I like some her music but i hardly consider myself a super fan or anything! Lol!

  3. X-Tina is a new one! You seem to have the theme of bad girls. hehe.