Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Why do you want to be published?

When I started writing fiction with the intent on completing an entire novel, oh, some six or seven years ago, I had no clue why I was doing it. I just wrote cause I wanted to write. I'd finally decided to take one of the million ideas that had floated into my brain and make it into a story.

I did end up abandoning that first story in favor of something more near and dear to my heart. And I'd never felt so accomplished as I had when I completed it...all 135,000 words of it.

It was then that I took the next natural step. What else does one do with a completed novel but try to figure out how to get it made into an actual book?? I wanted people to read my story and love it just as I did. And man did I ever go through a major schooling after that!! I'd never imagined just how hard it was to become a published author. I laugh now when I think back to that time in my life. I had been so naive! I'd thought it would be so simple!

But maybe it's how hard it was, how much of a challenge, that made me crave it so badly. I worked hard. I learned. I kept on writing. I entered contests. I joined a critique group. I received hundreds of rejections. But I persisted. I just kept going. Only the people who give up never succeed, right? That was my mantra.

And eventually it paid off. I'd finally found the right home for my story (not that original one, mind you, but another one I completed after that). And was it everything I'd ever dreamed of?? Well, yes and no. :) My story was out there for the world to read and that made me so happy. But there was also the challenge of getting people all over the world to know about it and and want to read it.

I'm still working on world domination, but in the meantime, I am ecstatic just having my story available for everyone! Every time someone tells me they loved it, I get tingly! I hope that never goes away!

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  1. Hey Stephanie- Great post, being an author isn't easy, have you thought about doing a tour on other peoples blogs? is your book in goodreads? I could publish my review there. I'd be happy to have you as a guest blogger on my blog, I can e-mail you questions, then you e-mail me back the answers and I post it on my blog. I find having authors guest blog is really fun for me even though I have only done one or two.

  2. Absolutely!!! I love interviews!!! When the book was first released in June, I did a bunch of interviews on blogs and such, even did an internet radio interview! I am on Goodreads too! Would love it if you could post a review there!

    Thanks so much!

  3. Wow, look at all those books you have coming out at LPI! Congrats, Stephanie!

  4. You know, it's funny ... after I finished writing my first novel and faced rejections, a few requests for the first three chapters, and a heady further request for the entire manuscript (still waiting to hear, of course ...), I was totally obsessed with getting published.

    Your question about WHY publication is the end goal is a valid and intelligent one.

    I'm an English teacher, and I love to listen to my students interpret the books they are reading. I love to hear them talk about Ponyboy Curtis and Jay Gatsby and Scout Finch as though they are real people. I want to hear people do that with my books, for it to inspire conversation, for it to make people think, for people to be glad they read it.

    Interestingly, I've found some degree of respite in that desire through blogging, where people read my posts and respond with their own thoughts. Not quite the scale I was hoping for (and I still have great aspirations for my novels), but it's kind of a neat substitute :)

    Thanks for getting me thinking ... :-)

  5. Thanks Aubrie!!! I'm pretty excited!!!

    Klo, that's it exactly! I want people to love my story and just have to tell their friends about it. I love when someone tells me they couldn't put my book down!! I know how I feel when I read a book like that...and it excites me to know I can do that for other people!!

  6. I never knew it was going to be so hard (or rewarding) either. :) I liked hearing more of your writing story in this post.

  7. Great post today! I love hearing everyone's journey to writing. My first novel was also a sprawling mess, which I tried to publish, and has since been shelved. Now I have a better idea of what I need to do, so maybe novels #2 or #3 will be the one... we'll see!

    Why do I want to be published? Well, I love writing, and I want to turn that passion into something to help support my family. I know that's A LOT to ask for, but that's my dream.

  8. I’ve known since I was a little girl I wanted to get published. I’ve penned books for that long and I’ve watched myself grow since then. For me, publication means everything and I will not stop bettering myself and my writing even after I reach that coveted goal because I want to go all the way and always be at my best. For me, there is no saying no. Publication is an eventuality. I was meant to be an author and my determination and willingness to always keep learning will take me to the finish line I firmly believe.

  9. Yes!!!! Persistence is key, as long as we are willing to grow and change and learn!!

    Thanks for stopping by everyone!!!!