Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Holy Blogfest Season!

Wow...I cannot believe all the amazing blogfests going on right now!!!!!

First up, this one was so fun!!!!!!! Amparo Ortiz at No rest for the Lazy is hosting this SUPER fun blogfest today!!! Please go and check it out!!!! I bet there will be some awesome letters posted!

So here's the deal, participants have to write a love letter to their favorite author or celebrity crush. My only problem is narrowing down my list of celebrity hotties!! There are so many....Zac Efron, Paul Walker, Cameron Mathison, Jordan Knight....but maybe I'll pick one who is actually single at the moment.

Dear Ryan,

Hello, my love. Finally, after all this time, we are free to be together. I know how hard it's been on you, forced to live on the other side of the country, without me. 3000 miles separating our love. But that distance did nothing to extinguish the flames. If anything, it doused them with gasoline, incinerating any kind of emotion for anyone else.

Finally you have broken free of that wife of yours. I can't even bring myself to write her name. We'll just call her The Red Devil. I always knew she was just a temporary distraction. You thought only of me during that horrific time. And that rebound girlfriend you had, Sandy something-or-other, I'm sure you just needed to vent out the anger and frustration of wasting so much of your time on a loveless marriage.

I know you've got a lot on your plate right now-- your job is just so demanding. But I will wait for you, dreaming of when I'll see your face, feel your touch, your lips in every spot I like. You'll know them without me even telling you. And we'll spend every moment in complete bliss.

I love you Ryan.

Next we have the Anti-Valentine's Blogfest. So so fun!! I bet there will some FANTASTIC stories for this one!!!

I guess I was a lucky girl. I met my hubby when I was 17, almost 18. I hadn't really had many serious boyfriends before that. And only once did I have one for Valentine's day. And that was when I was a freshman in high school. Boy was that awkward. I didn't know what to do, and then a friend told me he had gotten me something really nice. I was like "crap!". I was 14...I didn't have any money. How was I gonna buy him anything?? So I asked this same friend for advice on what to get. Her suggestions: a gold chain or an I.D. bracelet. The chain was too much, so I went with the bracelet. I remembered being excited that the price included up to four letters and his name was Mike. God it was so lame. I'm sorry Mike. And yes, we are still friends...even after all that!

Oh, and his really nice gift for me...a gold chain....that turned silver a couple years later. :)

Hope you all had a fantastic time reading these!!! I know I had fun writing them!


  1. Great job on the blogfests- being able to do two is an awesome thing!

  2. Awww, that was a sweet story. :)

    I'm still awkward like that, lol, so don't feel so bad. I don't think I have any celebrities I'm crushing on right now, hmm.

  3. oh wow that was some letter ... too funny

    great idea for a blogfest!

  4. I was too busy gawking at Ryan's picture to comment before but I'm good now! I thought your letter was great and I'm sure he will be in your arms soon. But do you mind if he makes a detour and has a fling with me? I swear just a week tops would be fine! lol

  5. Thanks for stopping by everyone!!! These were so fun!! I can't wait to go read all the other letters and stories!!

  6. There really are a lot of blogfests going on right now and they all look like so much fun, so it’s hard to choose which ones to participate in! Love this one too, and the letter is great, although I’d have to say that if I were to choose from the guys you listed here it would have to be Zac Efron all the way. What a hottie! LoL Not that Ryan doesn’t have his *qualities* too! LoL

  7. ha ha.. loved your letter. And how funny about the gold chain ... hee hee!

  8. I loved him since two guys a girl and a pizza place. awesome choice

  9. *sigh* I love YOU, Stephanie, for posting that picture. Oh, yes I do...

    LOVED his letter!! The Red Devil *chuckles*

    One question, though: will you share with me???? ;)

    AWESOME posts!

  10. You are lucky to have met your husband at 17. I wish at met mine sooner! Thank you so much for participating.

  11. LOL Lindsey...I had a real hard time choosing!!!

    Thanks Amparo...great idea for the blogfest!!! I suppose, since it was your idea and all, I can share with you! ;)

    Beth, sometimes I feel kinda sad that I never got to do the dating thing as an adult (or maybe it's just some jealousy from watching Sex and the City) but in the end, I am thankful that I found him so young and it was real and lasting.

    Thanks so much everyone!!

  12. Okay, I need a moment to get over the hotness of that picture.

    ...still taking my moment...

    Whew. Okay. Moving on.

    That sounds exactly like a good, freshman Valentine's Day story. Everything about early HS dating is "so-and-so said your boyfriend did this..." and the like. It's nice that you're still friends with Mike. And you're lucky you don't have some of those horrible stories to share. :) Sometimes the hours of the experience don't make the story worth it!