Friday, February 11, 2011

My hubby is the best!

So the other day, an announcement was made on the radio. All I had to do was go up to hubby and say "I have something to ask you..." and bat my eyelashes. He knew exactly what I wanted.

I've never hidden the fact that I am a huge New Kids on the Block fan. In 08 and 09, when they first reunited and toured, I saw them 5 times in various states, only once in my own. Me and my little Blockhead group of friends had an absolute blast!!! We made our own shirts to wear and just loved every minute.

They took a long break from touring and then announced a joint tour with Backstreet Boys this summer. I was a BSB fan too, but no where near like I am for NKOTB. The tour dates were announced...only like a handful, and none even close to here. Then they announced more...but we'd have to drive. No problem...we'd done it before. We decided on Pittsburgh. More dates were announced.... little closer..Cleveland, but we were good with our tiks. Then this week.....BUFFALO!!!!!! How can you not see you favorite band in the world in your hometown!!!

So I'll be buying tiks today (in about 24 minutes) for me and 3 friends!! Wish me luck!!

***Edited to Add****

Got my tiks!! YAY!! And they were way better seats than I expected!


  1. Oh, man, you're bringing back memories. My best friend in high school was totally into NKOTB. Are they still cute, though? I mean, really, they've got to be close to 40 by now. :)

  2. LOL. Have a wonderful time, Stephanie!! And thanks for stopping by my blog today. :-)