Monday, February 14, 2011

Show Me the Love Blogfest!

So excited for this!!!

HUGE thanks to all my participants!!! Please click here for the original post and the list of blogs to visit! Can't wait to go read your posts!!!

And without further ado, my answers!!

1- What is the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you?

This is going to sound super silly, but one of the most romantic things my husband does for me is warm my side of the bed. No one likes a frigid bed, but sometimes my hubby will go in before me and lay on my side and get it all toasty. Then when I come in, he rolls to his cold side. Is there anything sweeter than that??

2- What is your favorite love song?

Well, there are so so many great love songs out there. Hubby and me have many that we love, but I have to pick Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton. It was our wedding song..timeless and classic.

3- Do you have a favorite romantic movie or book?

I am a huge fan of rom-coms..that's what I watch, what I read, and what I love to write!! Movies that make me swoon: Overboard, You've Got Mail, Pretty Woman, the Wedding Planner

4- Do you have any romantic plans for Valentine's Day this year?

We've never been ones to go out and spend tons of money to show each other how much we care. In the past, we've gone out to a nice dinner, but if you've ever done that in V-day, you know how crazy busy restaurants are. With the actual holiday being a Monday this year, we probably won't do much. We usually go to the gym after hubby gets home from work, so I really can't see us deviating from that!! LOL!!

5- What's your favorite romantic treat?

One treat that seems very romantic to me is fondue. But it's probably more the ambiance and conversation than anything. Most times, when you go out to dinner, you talk, and then the food is laid in front of you and silence hits the table as you dig in. we love to visit The Melting Pot a couple times of year, They have these super romantic "pods" we call them. They're little booths for two and they are pretty private. Since you have to wait for your meat to cook, the meal takes a while. We are usually there for 2 hours and love every minute!


  1. I love Overboard! I used to watch it as a kid.

    That is romantic that your hubby warms your side of the bed. :)

  2. I love the melting pot. It's my favorite too. Oh and the gym is a good plan.

  3. That is SO SWEET that your hubby warms the bed up for you! I'll need to email this to my husband as a hint ;)

  4. Hi,

    Oh, how cute - personal bed-warmer! ;)

    Happy VD.


  5. Pretty woman and overboard- yup I'm right there with you.

    Warming your side of the bed- that is so sweet!

    Thanks for hosting the blogfest!

  6. That is nice-- my DH says he is warming my side of the bed, but what he's really doing, as far as I can tell, is hogging my pillow.
    Yesterday was interesting, seeing all the hot novels out right this moment!

  7. Thanks everyone!!!!

    I didn't actually make it to the gym today...instead, I chaperoned my daughter's school field trip to the aquarium! But hubby ended up with the day off and came along, so at least we were together!

    Thanks everyone for participating!! Time to go read your posts!!

  8. Nice--I'd love it if my boyfriend would warm my side of the bed. I should drop him some hints :)

    Also, I love Overboard and I'd nearly forgetten it! Thank you for reminding me of that awesome movie!

  9. You and I are perfect for each other when it comes to evening chick flicks! You've Got Mail, Overboard, fantastic selection!!

    Thank you so much for the blogfest! It was an absolute blast!!

  10. That is sweet--a bed warmer! :) And loving the picture of that fondue! Have not tried a fondue meal yet (only ever had chocolate fondue). Would love to try it now!

  11. I don't mind seeing it here too :)

    Love the movies you picked.

    Hope your evening went well.

    And thanks for hosting the blogfest; it was fun.


  12. Okay, this is the second post that mentioned the Melting Pot...AND you have pictures??? Now I'm starving! And I'll have to make sure I get there sometime SOON!!! You've Got Mail...yes. Also a fave of mine!!! Christy Thanks for hosting this fest!

  13. I love the movies you mentioned too :D

  14. I truly feel life is not complete unless you have tried an entire fondue meal. Cheese is my favorite...even over chocolate (but just a tiny bit!)...I know. Am I crazy??? Just wait til you try it!!

    So so happy that everyone had a fun time with this!! Thanks so much!!!!

  15. Aw, that's so sweet that he warms your side of the bed!