Friday, February 4, 2011

How important is email to you?

I love mail. I love physical snail mail that is delivered to my mailbox (though not the bills). I love email. I love getting stuff from people. I know these days mail is not what it used to be and I never get physical letters or anything anymore, but still. Mail is exciting for me! I love getting personal emails, Facebook private messages, email from readers, all of it.

And it's all very important. Whether it's official paperwork like a contract or tax forms, or friendly messages or an invitation to a party. It's all very important. I couldn't imagine a day without fetching my mail from the mailbox. And I check my email repeatedly throughout the day.

So it's very hard for me to understand how people can go days without checking their email. That is one of the ways we communicate these days. Sometimes the information is fun and silly, but other times it is really important. Yes, if it is really critical, a phone call is a better way, but still. You know what I mean.

So, how about you?? Do you check email several times a day, or only once. Are you one of those who only checks every few days?? Can I ask why???

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  1. I check my email every day I love to stay connected.... I check my regular mail every day when the weather is warm.... but during the winter I only check it twice a week because I have to walk to the end of the court haha

  2. Email and texts are checked and responded to everyday and always open in case. Voicemail on the other hand..... I hate talking on the phone or listening to voicemails. :)

  3. I'm addicted to my e-mail- I get all my student stuff that way and most my writing stuff. I check it often all day long.

  4. My email comes directly to my phone so yeah... I'm a check-all-day-er too. :)

    Seems like the only time we get snail mail anymore is Christmas cards--which I love, but I have to confess I get sad when I open those and there's only a signature inside. So when I send mine out, I always include a personal message to each recipient.

  5. Piper, I so agree about the Christmas cards!!! Just a signature is so impersonal....even worse is when they didn't even write our name son the inside....they just sat there and signed a bunch of cards and mailed them out. Why bother??? Christmas cards are sometimes my only communication with some family and friends, which is sad, but still true. I started doing a little newsletter and found that people really enjoyed them and looked forward to them. I basically go month by month and tell everyone what our year was like. I even include some pics from the year. So aside from that, I still write out a card and include a personal message.

  6. The email address I use for my writing issues a tone on my iPhone when I receive a new one, so I check that one constantly. The other ones are checked several times a day, but on no particular schedule. Can you tell which one is most important? :)