Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Not sure if I'm going to like this

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Now for today's post!!

Ever since my husband got his job, over 14 years ago (before we got married), we have never held a normal worker's schedule. His job is not a Monday through Friday, 9-5 type of job. His days off rotate. One week it's Wednesday and Thursday, the next week Tuesday and Wednesday. He only gets weekends off every 6 weeks. He works all holidays. But there are certain jobs in his field that do have weekend off. But the guys who get those have lots of seniority.

And it used to be kind of a pain. I worked a semi-normal day....every other weekend off, and the other weekends, I at least had Sunday off. So whenever there were things going on on the weekends, we couldn't do them or we'd have to come late, after he got home. Going out on the weekends was tough...we'd have to be home by a decent time so he could go to sleep...he gets up for work at 5:15 am. Once the kids came along, and our friends started having kids, it wasn't as big of an issue anymore, as we no longer partied it up all the time.

But I learned to love the schedule. Once our daughter was born, I no longer worked a job outside the home. When hubby was off mid week, we could run errands and shop in a near empty mall in the middle of the day. Or we could go to the Children's museum, Chuck E. Cheese, the park, or wherever, and they were dead. We didn't have hoards of families to contend with. It was really great. Having saturday and Sunday off wasn't such a big deal anymore.

But now hubby was penciled into a job that has weekends off. It's definitely temporary. But he should have it for at least a few months. We will be able to have a kinda normal schedule for once...and that is going to be great. No more having to use personal days for weekend events or swapping days off with coworkers. But we will no longer have our quiet midweek days off. I realized this today as I debated on when to make our appointment to have our taxes done. No longer can we go midweek at 10 am. It will have to be a weekend or an evening.


  1. Having weekends off all the time can be a pain for that reason. I really like doing stuff in the middle of the week in the morning to get it out of the way with no rush. I hope my next job gives me weekdays off. Weekends are overrated anyway, lol. :)

    Have a great time enjoying weekends. I'll pass on the blogfest info, maybe even participate (first one for me), and tweet about it also later on. :)

  2. Isn't it weird how we come to love things that we thought we would hate

  3. Kindros, exactly!! And the weekends can sometimes get to crazy busy, trying to shove so much in, it's kinda nice sometimes to no have to do that. And please do sign up for my blogfest!!! The Linky thing was not working yesterday, but it should be fixed today!!

    Teenage Bride, I so agree!!

  4. Once you find that you've built tyour life around another person's schedule, it becomes such a fine balancing act between what you're doing for THE FAMILY and what you're doing just for you-- just never let that part get too small, okay?
    I know how it is-- my hubby-man gets up early-early most mornings too, and weekends are always a toss-up. When it changes, then I miss my mornings alone with coffee and writing!