Thursday, February 10, 2011

It ain't broke, but sometimes I want to replace it

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And now on with today's post!!

I think we all have things in our lives that we just get sick of, and even though there's nothing really wrong with it, we want a brand new shiny one!! Sometimes it's the stupidest of things. I would really love some new plastic bowls and lids. Do I need them? No. Do mine work perfectly fine? Yes. Some are kinda orange inside and such, but they still do what they're supposed to do.

But then there's other things that we love and they can be years old, falling apart, and we won't give up on them.

I have a Day Runner that I've had since I started my home-based business, years ago. I've had it for a good decade or so. It's in decent shape though and I've used it for so many was my entire schedule in one place. For me, it was a huge deal. I'd needed a place to write down all my client's wedding dates. It was the place I checked first when a new client called, to make sure I had their date available. I wrote in personal appointments and things too. And I relied on this book so much...I could no longer remember where I had to be and when, I had "my book". The business is gone, but I still cannot live without the book. Most people have switched to some form of a PDA, whether it be on the computer, on their phone, etc.. Not me. I'd be too afraid it would malfunction. there's no malfunctioning for a book. Just gotta make sure I don't lose it!

So what about you?? What would you love to replace that really doesn't need replacing?? What do you have that's been around forever and still usable??

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  1. I'd replace my living situation if I could. I'd rather live just my fiancé and I than live with the family we do now. It's workable, I just miss the freedom.

    I don't really hang on to things. As soon as it has served it's purpose, they either get shelved till cleaning day or tossed right away. The oldest item I have is probably my Nintendo DS, lol.

  2. I know what you mean. My husband keeps trying to get me to use my computer or my itouch to keep a record of schedule, but I'd rather use my calendar. it's the only non-fail thing. It hangs in the kitchen in plain view, anyone can add to it, it's always "on" when I need to make appointments.

    If I could, though, I'd update my phone. It's old, without internet, and I'd love a smartphone. But, that's not just a one-time expense. The data plan alone, and texting too if I added that, would be just another monthly expense that's no necessary.

    Sometimes writing requires sacrifices, and that's one I'm still willing to make.

  3. It's not just malfunctioning that keeps me wanting a written day planner. Something about having that calendar right in front of you is much more powerful than an electronic calendar. I don't think I'll ever get away from wanting to be able to have it the old-fashioned way.

  4. Sadly, I'm like this with cars. I always claim I'm not affected by advertising, and then I see a smart ad (like the recent Nissan Leaf commercial with the polar bear hug...I love that one), and it begins. My thoughts go straight to 'well, the Civic does have over 100,000 miles...hmmm...and those dents...hmmm,' you get the idea. :) It still does the job, but a new one is shiny and smells different.

    Great post. Stick by that day planner. :)


  5. Yes Stephanie, that too! I like that I can grab it whenever I need it and look at my entire year if need be, just by flipping some pages. And they are full size, not a tiny screen!