Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Reconstructive surgery has it's place....

But for me, it's not my face, or my body.

These days, it seems most of my friends are talking about the surgeries they want to have and plan on doing in the next few years. Now I don't live in Hollywood or NYC, where plastic surgery is the everyday norm. We're all suburban moms who've finished having kids, and as most women know, pregnancy does not exactly leave us with a fab body. We're all over 30, so that takes a toll too. Skin isn't as taut or resilient anymore.

But cut and paste and remove??

No...I really don't think that's for me. The only cutting and pasting I plan on doing is for my manuscripts.

Now I know for some people, it's a must. So many children are born with defects and facial abnormalities and I am 100% behind surgeries that can help a child feel more confident. Or those who are hurt in accidents--yes, plastic surgery is often a necessity.

I know how lucky I am. I was not born with any abnormalities. And though my body is not in super model shape after having two kids, I joined a gym and put in the hard work that is needed. I'm not done, but I never expected instant results. I know it takes time to re-sculpt a body. I have some extra skin in my stomach area....pregnancy can really stretch that skin and it just doesn't go back, no matter how many crunches you do. But I've managed to decrease the fat underneath that skin, so it doesn't really protrude anymore. It's there, but it's far better than it was before I joined the gym. And I'm proud of that fact. I'm proud that I worked hard and got rid if it on my own, as opposed to going to a doctor and having it hacked off.

And as far as breasts go...well, I have been blessed in that department, even though their size has decreased since I joined the gym (but only one cup size, so far). Having an enhancement has never ever been something I've thought of. But I guess if you've had tiny ones your whole life, maybe that is something you would want to do. There's no way to get breasts if you weren't blessed with them naturally. It's not like you can lift some weights and grow them like a bicep.

I can say these things because I am happy with my body. I know others are for them, if they think plastic surgery is the only way to find self confidence and be happy about their bodies, then hooray for them. I think people should spend their money in a way that makes them happy. Life is all about being happy and if you're not, well, you need to find out what will make you happy. Sometimes the path to happiness may include a stop at the plastic surgeon.

I only hope my friends do find what they're looking for when they get these surgeries.


  1. I'm happy you feel this way about your body. :)

    It is inspiring and more people in this world should appreciate what they have and not try to change, unless they want to change for themselves.

  2. Exactly!!! Even though plastic surgery is not for me, if a woman, or a man, want to do it FOR THEMSELVES, that yay for them! I don't think anyone should change their body for someone else's benefit.

    I think women are naturally self-conscious about their bodies...I don't know one woman who thinks their body is perfect.

  3. hey if you want it go for it.... but it is certainly not for me. One, I am afraid on needles and two, I am always afriad I would end up looking fake like some of the celebrities do

  4. Yes I agree with these sentences because the surgery makes the beautiful to the persons who is suffering from the cruel face or any thing.