Sunday, February 13, 2011

All kinds of fun stuff!!!!

Do NOT miss out on this!! TONS of cool prizes!! Please stop by Goddess Fish Party Pavilion and Long and Short Reviews! I'll be blogging at both spots periodically throughout the day, along with a bunch of other fantastic authors!

Lots of awesome prizes:

GRAND prize: The winner’s choice of a WiFi Nook, a WiFi Kindle or a $150 GC to either Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Other prizes: At least four $25 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GCs randomly awarded to a commenter.

We may also award other $5 / $10 Amazon or BN GCs based on participation numbers.

Hope you're having a fab Valentine's Eve!!!!


  1. I am having a fab V-day eve! Off to a shaky start this morning, but I achieved two of my minor goals-- making soup and posting about it on my blog.
    Even got in a bit of playing Rampage on the old Playstation. Whoo! Being a giant monster, with your honey nearby to share the experience-- that's true, mature romance all right.

  2. Okay-- Now I have to say Thanks, Stephanie, for giving me a reason to go check out some of these other lovely blogs particpating in the Blogfest. It's been a different and fun way to tool around the blogosphere-- my usual course is to post on my own, then keep hitting the 'next blog' button till I'm tired of reading. This led me to more writing blogs-- all to the good.