Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hello Hunksday!

My bloggy friend and fellow Lyrical Press author, Gina Gordon posts a photo every Wednesday, calling it "Hunk or Junk" and asks her readers what they think of her chosen hottie for the week!

I THOROUGHLY enjoy this...and who wouldn't??? Don't we all need a nice piece of man candy to drool over, I mean look at every once in a while??? Help get us though the day???

If it's okay with Gina, I'm gonna go ahead and borrow this fantastic idea!! But I'll do mine on Thursdays! And call it Hunksday instead!

So for my first Hunksday, I chose someone new to my list of hotties. We just recently got into Glee. We wanted to watch it when it started, but for one reason or another, we just didn't get to. So we waited and rented it and were instantly hooked. And when we ran out of DVD's available, we watched the last few online and then caught up in time to watch the finale when it aired live.

And the character that stole my heart almost instantly.....Puck.

I don't know what it is exactly..the eyes, the smile...the hair...the whole bad boy thing, but he is so so hot. And I was so so happy to find he is 27 and 100% legal.

So without further ado, I give you Mark Salling, aka Puck!

So ladies (and gentlemen), what do you think????


  1. That last picture. Eeek. I was thinking hunk til that!

    You're going to think I'm crazy but I refuse to watch Glee because I can't start with episode 1. I don't watch any episode unless I can do that and they don't have anything but the last 3 episodes available online.

  2. HUNK!!

    ...but I didn't think that way for most of Glee--he was just too mean! But that one episode where he got soul and sang Sammy Davis Jr....ahhhhhhh I melted!

  3. Stephanie, I can't do that's gotta be from episode 1 or we rented them all. And watched some on Amazon video on demand. It so sucked me in!!!

  4. I love Puck's character (and the actor playing him) too! (Although I also love Finn and Quinn... I think I must be the only Glee fan in the world to not love Rachael, though. She seems soo self-centered and obnoxious to me)

    And Mark Salling has redefined the mohawk for me. Yummy.

  5. Puck is totally my type. I'm all over Mark Salling. LOL Finn is way too cutesy boy next door for me. Plus, I like a cocky, arrogant guy every time. He's my pick too! :)

  6. Yeah...I like Finn, but I don't look at him and think "OMG HOT!!!!" LOL

  7. I love Puck! That first photo, his brow slightly raised, those eyes. Love him! Hunk!!

    Thanks for the mention Stepanie.

  8. That first one is quite yummy, isn't it???? :)