Friday, July 9, 2010

Finally!!!!! The anthology is released!!!!

Back in, oh Spring of 2007, my writers group told me about an anthology that was being put together...all local writers writing about local things, fiction, non-fiction, poetry. I thought it sounded great. I've lived in Western New York my entire life (aside from two years away at college and a brief 9 month stay downstate), so I had to have something I could write about.

I started a piece about myself and titled it The Girl from Black Rock. (the nickname given to the area of Buffalo I grew up in). It talked about my life as a kid growing up in Buffalo and the simple things we did for fun. My family did not have much money but we did some really fun things. I sent the piece in and within a day or two, it was accepted. The editor said it was exactly what they were looking for. I was BEYOND ecstatic. I hadn't been writing for long and I was actually going to be published!!!!!

Then I wanted more. I started a fiction piece and polished that in a day or two...sent it off again. Yep..they loved that too!! Yippee!!!! I'm in the book twice!!

Well, after three years and several calls for submission, the book is FINALLY finished and available for sale!!! Click here for the link!

All proceeds benefit the Just Buffalo Literary Center, who do amazing things for our community.


  1. Rock on girl!!! Congrats! Bet it's gonna be great!

    BTW, wanted to let you know the interview with romance author Shana Abe is up on my blog today. I remembered you said you were interested.

  2. Wow! That's an anthology a long time in the making! Congratulations!