Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy Hunksday!!

The world is covered with hot looking guys and I feel it is my duty to bring them to you readers! :)

Today we are honoring Zac Efron. We all first saw that gorgeous face in High School Musical, and he was of age completely okay to lust after :)



  1. Hey! He's one of my MC's in my new YA novel. I changed his name of course, but he looks the same. hehe

  2. LOL! He plays my main character's love interest in A Bitch Named Karma..MC is in her 30's but she falls for a younger guy!

  3. I fell for a younger guy in 2002. I was 29, he was 22. Reader, I married him. :)

  4. LOL Rebecca! I was constantly falling for younger guys when I was younger. Seemed the guys my age or older never gave a glance in my direction...ever. Until I met my future husband...first guy I ever dated who was older then me. And here we are 15 years later!