Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ewww..that hero is SOOOO not my type.

Okay, so I'm reading a romance now and it's a pretty decent story. But when the author described the hero, he has long dark hair that he keeps pulled back in a ponytail. Which first of all, he is a wealthy business man and that kind of hair seems so uncharacteristic and also so out of style. This book is only 2 years old.

But anyway, nothing about a man's appearance turns me off faster than long hair. My apologies to my readers out there who like long hair. It is just not my thing. I am much more of a clean shaven, neat and tidy, short hair kind of gal. Preferable with some gel. Yes, I like a guy who uses product. (If you need some examples, click on my Hunksday posts)

So here I am with the story that is pretty good and this hero who just doesn't light my fire. So what's a girl to do....well....we fantasize. When I read the story, I still picture a tone and tanned guy, perfectly coiffed.

So what about you?? When you're reading romance and the character's description just doesn't appeal to you...and in romance, it really really you imagine someone else instead??


  1. I know what you mean, I really don't like long hair on a man either. Although, I did have one of my hero's have long hair once. But he was an actor and just got down playing a certain part in a movie. At the ned of the book, he finally cuts his hair. LOL

  2. LOL!! Well, then that's okay!! :) Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. I hate guys with long hair! You aren't the only one. And yes, if I don't like the descriptions of the characters, I picture them how I want to.

  4. I don't think every hero in a book is going to appeal to us-because we all have different ideas of what's "hot" or not. There are many actors out there with huge followings-and I don't see the appeal at all. That said-I usually tweak the look in my head to match my personal preferences.