Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy Hunksday: Special Edition!

This week I decided to pay tribute to all those hunky guys that decorated my walls as a preteen and teen! All those pages I ripped from Teen Beat and Bop magazine. All those dreamy heartthrobs that made me melt!!

Here they are....did you share any of my teenage fantasies????

The first is a band that, at one time, decorated every square inch of my bedroom walls. And in all honesty, they are even hotter as grown men and if my husband would allow, I'd probably plaster my bedrooms walls with them now!!

New Kids on the Block

At one time, this heartthrob had a sacred place, right above my bed!!!

Kirk Cameron

Totally loved this guy..."Whoa" is all I can say!! I listened to his album on tape so many times that it snapped. He's still pretty damn hot now, though I'm not diggin' the shaved head thing.

Joey Lawrence

I think every teen girl in the late 80's had a crush on this guy. I had a huge B&W poster of him. and miss you always!

Patrick Swayze

My favorite of the Coreys...I could watch License to Drive all day long!

Corey Haim

I fell so in love with him in Ladybugs!

Johnathan Brandis

And who could forget Zak Morris??? Definitely not me..I still watch Saved By the Bell reruns!

Mark Paul Gosselaar


  1. Oh, this takes me back! I still watch "Saved By the Bell" reruns when they're on too!

  2. Love this post! It's such a fun flash from the past!

  3. LOL. Okay, I interviewed Joey Lawrence for another Disney blog that I write for and he was a tool! I swear. He actually said "At one time, I was the biggest teen star on the planet" and I thought "Really?" I mean, what about the Coreys and Molly Ringwald and about 2 dozen other teenage stars at that time? He was a bit full of himself.

  4. Ooh, we definitely grew up at the same time, lol. You already know of my NKOTB love. But I also had that EXACT poster of Patrick Swayze on my wall and was a big Saved by the Bell devotee.

    I also was a huge Jonathan Brandis fan--did you hear he committed suicide a few years back? :( So so sad.

  5. @Roni - NO WAY? I liked him in Seaquest - the TV show that was on ... I don't remember when but it was at least 11 years ago, before wedded bliss. That makes me sad!!

    Stephanie - great post - sorry I'm constantly reading you a day late!!

  6. No prob Kristy!!

    Roni, I did know that. So sad.....three of the guys above have passed away, two fo them are close to our age so it's even harder. :(

    Chris, it makes me sad to hear stuff like that. You want to think all celebs are as cool and down to earth as you see on tv...sad when you find out they're not. :(

    Thanks for stopping by everyone!!!

  7. Am I once again aging myself if I dare add, "Ricky Shroeder"? Ah, Silver Spoons....

  8. LOL! Great addition...though that was a smidge before my time. I remember the show but I was not boy crazy yet! :)