Friday, October 8, 2010

Blog posts: Write every day or schedule them?

I admit, when I first started this blog a year and a half was just something I thought I needed to do to "build my platform". But I got into it and started meeting some A-MAZ-ING people! And I found that I really enjoyed sharing my experiences and reading other people's. I found a real kinship with my readers.

But, life happens and I don't always have time to sit here and write out a great post every day. And I don't get to read every blog I follow every day either.

What I do do is this....when I get the time (like's actually Tuesday that I'm writing this.) I sit here and write out several blogs...about different topics. Something that strikes my fancy, or something that's happened to me recently, or a random idea that I wrote down to use "someday". I schedule them for different days and can sit back and relax in knowing that I am still out there...I'm still connecting with my readers and friends.

And even if I'm having a crazy day, I still check my email and my blog and reply back to comments.

So what do you all do out there??? Do you actually blog everyday and post it that same day???? Or are there more people out there like me who kinda cheat a little???


  1. To blog or not to blog. I had that same dilemma, thinking if I didn't keep up with it regularly then people would stop coming. They do, they have, but those who are really interested in what I have to say come when they feel like it, and I feel less pressure. I also have more time to focus on my writing which is what I really need to do. It can be very exhausting, thinking of ways to entertain the masses. I like your blog posts. I'll keep checking in. ;)

  2. Yep, I've always done the same thing. In fact, for a long time my Blogger account was used only to write up blogs and save them for future posting, since MySpace didn't allow bloggers to save drafts. I prefer to have them pre-written, then post them. It's great that Blogger posts them when you want!

  3. Stephanie, I so agree!! I love love love Blogger!

    Thanks for stopping by ladies!!

  4. I blog as the fancy hits me - or i have a book to review - or ... i go on a disney trip. lmao. :-) (my latest disney trip blog is going to be featured on on 10/18 - I'm a professional! LOL)

  5. I do a mix. I usually write my posts the night before but occasionally will sit down and write two or three at a time and schedule them throughout the week.

  6. For the first several years of blogging (okay two) I was avid about posting. It was so new and I was such an addict that I had tons of brain swarms and couldn't wait to get them up and published.

    With the kids, and second and third grade I found a lot of my time vamped because the day was spent doing everything else as once they got home it was all about the homework and evening routine which became extremely compact and scheduled.

    I've used the scheduled post a few times. I'm thinking about leaning toward it more lately. Because some days I'll post three things and at other times skip several days. If I 'schedule' the extra posts that come to me, then I could line out every day! Or, five out of seven...

    Something like that!

  7. I've done all of the above at various times. It depends on what else is going on in my life. Sometimes I have a lot to say -- sometimes not. During summer vacation, I had more time to write and read blogs; now that I'm back to teaching, I have a lot less time.

    However, I have found that since I generally post M, W, and F -- there's not much point to posting something spontaneous on a Tuesday. Nobody comes by to read it. So, during those lucky times when I have a lot to say, I will schedule them out into the future ... to bank on the dry spells.

  8. Thanks for stopping by everyone!!!! Sounds like many of you are like real strict rule..just do what you can when you can. I am not a fan of double posts on a if something does come to me and I've already posted for the day..I'll schedule it for another day!! Makes the ideas go farther!! LOL!! And I don't blog on the weekends.

  9. I usually post new stuff daily, but I like to have a few "drafts" ready to go. And when I do Tube Tuesday, I'll dink around youTube and prepare enough of them for 3 or 4 Tuesdays at at time, then prepost them.

    I do feel like staying "regular" (yikes, sounds like a yogurt commercial!) is important to keep a following, so I planned from the beginning to do only Monday-Friday blogs. But there's no way I'd be able to keep at it all the time without the post-ahead feature. And that's why I use Blogger instead of the blog feature on my website. Well, also because I could set this one blog up for "both of me". LOL

  10. Depends on how crazy life gets, lately its beyond crazy. I do tend to post everyday but occasionally, like here in a few moments, I will schedule a few days or a week and get cracking on what needs to be done. For me, it's catching up on reviews I missed when I had to take off for personal reason. Now I am behind a good 13-15 books, which I can knock off in three maybe four days if I take the time to schedule some posts, force myself away from my Work-In-Progress and just focus on that. So yeah, it all depends on how out of control my life gets to whether I post every day or schedule something. :)