Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Vacation is over...back to work!

I took a week off..last week...and did no work. I did not stay off the computer though and I did still check blogs and stuff like that. But I did not work on my current WIP...well...that's a lie. There was one afternoon where the kids were outside playing on the slip n slide...and since that is not an activity I will partake in, I took my notebook out and wrote the next scene.

But this week gave me a nice break and a much needed step away from the story. It's always nice to step back and re-evaluate.

So now that I am back, the plan is to spend the next two weeks editing the first 40,000 words of the story. Luckily, I am one of those people who can write write write and not look back. I know many writers who struggle with self editing...the second they type out a sentence, they scrutinize it and can't move on `til it's just right. I can write it all out and move on without even a read-through. I do need to read over the last page or scene when I come back to the story to remember where I left off.

These two weeks will be spent reading over the first half of my story and checking for typos and grammar errors, but also to make sure the story is going where I want it to and that no small plotline is left in limbo.

I'm kind of excited! I really haven't read over much of this story. Looking forward to going back!

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  1. I actually enjoy editing my own writing. It makes me feel productive and like I am moving forward. Similar to how one feels after they clean up a messy room, lol.

    I also believe that everyone needs to step back and re-evaluate a story as you mentioned. Sometimes when we are flooded with ideas and submerged in a story, we tend to be myopic with certain things.

    Good luck!