Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy Hunksday!!

I have to say, I quite enjoy doing this weekly post. I've never participated in WIP Wednesday for Funny Friday or any of the other weekly scheduled blogging things. But I've found this one to be quite fun!! :)

This week I chose someone who I've had a celeb crush on since his sitcom days. He's a big movie actor now, but I loved him when he was just Berg.

Ladies...Ryan Reynolds.


  1. I love Hunksday! This is a great choice for this week! Very cute. :)

  2. Did you see his new movie trailer? He's buried alive!

  3. You made my afternoon. He is one of my favorite hunks.

  4. Oh la la! Ryan Reynolds is my favorite. He was at ComicCon this year, which is reason no. 84 I wish I was there - I'd love to meet him. Or, you know, jut his abs.

    Great post!

  5. Wowsa! What a great day to find your blog ;)

  6. glad I could give you a pick me up today!!! rub my hands up and down those abs...OMG...can you just imagine????

    LOL Jaydee! This is a weekly be sure to stop back again ;)

    Thanks to everyone for stopping by!!!!

  7. Oh wow! Hello. I can see why you would enjoy this weekly post lol. I know I am sure happy to see it haha.

    Thanks so much for following my blog. Your comment was greatly appreciated.

  8. I love hunksday.

    Till I went to mow the lawn and discovered my neighbor had hired a hunk to do hers. Shirtless. I had to turn around and go back inside. The overgrown lawn will still be there tomorrow!

  9. long have I been missing out on Hunksday?! I have been away too long Stephanie! :-)

  10. Hubba Hubba.....What a great thing to look at this morning on Friday......made my day :-) ha ha!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Hope you have a great weekend! xo

  11. Thanks for stopping by Teenage Bride!!

    LOL Meg!!! If I were you, I mighta had to sit by my window and stare out it. :)

    Shannon, it's only been a month or so! Go to my labels and click on hunksday to catch up on my previous hunky posts!! :)

    Thanks for stopping by Lindsey!! I try my best to please my readers!!!