Saturday, August 7, 2010

High Drama Blogfest today!!!!!!!!!

I love love love blogfests!!!!! Maybe someday I will actually organize my own!!

Today I am participating in this fun one from DL at Cruising Altitude. This one's all about drama!!! And as a women's fiction/contemporary romance writer...drama is not hard to come by!!

Today I chose a scene from my recently released novel, A Bitch Named Karma. Also available on Amazon.


My hands felt clammy and trembled even more. “Rich, I'm pregnant.”

He stared at me, eyes wide open, mouth trying to form words.

“Oh, wow,” he finally got out. “That was not what I was expecting at all.”

“I know. I was just as shocked myself.”

“When? How? We were careful every time.”

My tears started to fall again. This was going to crush him. “The baby isn't yours. I got pregnant before we even met. I swear I never knew.”

He said nothing as I burst into tears. He held me tight and I cried as hard as I had seventeen years ago. It had been that long since I'd felt such despair or let myself feel any real sadness.

I calmed down and waited for the question I knew he would ask next.

“Have you told Zak yet?”

“It's not Zak's either.”

“Then who?”


“The one night thing?” Rich asked and I nodded my head. “Does he know?”

I nodded again. “At first I wasn't even sure if I was going through with the pregnancy or not. But I decided to keep the baby and Marcus and I are going to raise it together.”

Rich sat quiet and expressionless. It worried me.

“So badly I wanted this baby to be yours. You have to know that.” I brought his hand to my lips, kissing his palm. “I love you, and I need you in my life and the baby's life. Please tell me there's hope for us.”

“I don‟t know,” he said, then stood up. “I just don't know.”

He walked out of the room leaving me to wonder where he was going and what he'd be doing. Would he come back? Would he stand by me? Did he really love me like he said he did?

I lay on the bed a crying mess, preparing myself for a life without Rich. Visions flashed through my head, a montage set to sappy music. It showcased the things he and I did together as a couple, things I now imagined doing alone or not at all. Would I ever walk through the park and not envision the two of us having a picnic and making out like teenagers? Whenever I passed the Empire State Building, I'd always think of the time he sang quietly in my ear as we slow danced on the outside promenade of the eighty-sixth floor. Playing gin rummy at three AM, fighting for the last spoonful of mint chocolate chip ice cream, watching reruns of seventies sitcoms. These were the simple silly pleasures that Rich introduced me to, the things that made up our life together.

My mind wanted to think positively. He'd just declared his love for me. That had to count for something, right? Maybe he could accept this and we'd live happily ever after.

It was past midnight when I woke to the door opening. I must have cried myself right to sleep. Rich sat down next to me on the bed, the smell of liquor and smoke radiating from his clothing. His face stayed emotionless.

“I can't do this. I'm sorry.”

“I thought you loved me?”

“I do but I can't deal with all this...stuff.”

“Stuff? As in, the kid that's growing inside of me?”

“Um, well, yeah.”

“I thought you were different. I thought you wanted to be with me and support me through anything.”

“It's not even my kid!”

“It's not about that. It's about us and you being a man and being here for me!”

“What do you want from me?”

I looked at him and as much as I did love him, I knew he didn't love me unconditionally and that's what I needed.



  1. Drama, drama, drama. I love drama!!

    Great excerpt Stephanie.

  2. Drama! Well written Stephenie.
    What you said, what did she need from him: nothing!

  3. This is drama to the nth degree!! I really enjoyed this and compliment your writing. It is very smooth and fluid. Such an excellent addition to the contributions today. I am so proud to be linked to such fine authors!!

    Thank you.

  4. This was a very well done section! Thanks so much for posting it to be read. I adore the very last line- I'm a fan of strong women characters. thanks for posting!

  5. Hi,

    Great dialogue and dramatic emotional edge to this snip. I get the feeling things are not quite as they seem. After all men do need longer than women to process what fate can throw at them.


  6. Stephanie, this scene! It made me want to run out and buy the book! You pretty much redefined a "high stakes premise" with this scenario. Rich would have to be a super human to accept the terms she's laid out. So much to expect from someone...yet, love isn't an emotion we can control...

    GREAT job, and congrats on the book's release!

  7. Wow- love your voice! Love the title of the book too- really, really love that.

    I want to know who these other two guys were-she must have been pretty busy juggling them for awhile if there were three possible fathers!

    Definitely wanted to know more. Great entry for the blogfest!


  8. Ha ha ha. Take Nicole's comment and cross it with February's and you have exactly what was in my mind - what I was thinking about Rich and my curiosity about about the other much good stuff to wonder about.

  9. Wow! Rich sure got the bomb dropped on him! So much drama here!

  10. WOW!! Thanks sooooooooooooooooo much everyone!!!! I was not expecting all this when I posted this scene!!! :) Completely flattered!!

    Huge thanks to everyone for stopping in to read it!!!!!

  11. Stephanie my heart broke. She is definitely one complex character but I did feel sorry for her, I wanted Rich to make it work and really make it happen but then I realized she had Zak and Marcus to add to the mix, I wouldn't ask my man to handle that, I'm not even sure I could handle it!

    Great drama! Fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing!

  12. Great stuff! It doesn't get more dramatic! Thoroughly enjoyed it.


  13. Wow, the last three lines are killer. Fantastic! Now I'm going to amazon to check out the rest of the novel! :)

  14. Thanks so much!!!!! I'm so excited that everyone is stopping by and getting a little taste of my book!!!