Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy Hunksday!!

Here we are- another week, another hunk! :)

This guy came into my life as Leo DuPres on All My Children. And then they went and killed him on me....but they never found his body. Can't tell you how many times I've wished he would come back from the dead...but I know he won't. He's a bigtime movie actor now!!

Not sure how many of you know him by Leo, but you do know him by his real name: Josh Duhamel


  1. He is a hunk, but for some reason he looks a little jerky to me. I'd look from afar, but stay away!

  2. WOW! The pic in the blue shirt is to die for!!!

  3. I was looking for his name...he plays the uncle in the new Beezus and Romona movie. The movie was really cute...but he made it even better!

  4. Yep...he is in Beezus and Ramona! And Transformers and When in Rome and a bunch of other fliks! Love him!!

    Lol Aubrie!!

  5. Thanks for the share, Stephanie!!! Definitely a valuable post to the eyes!

    And, he was 'adorably hawt' in Beezus! ;-)

  6. Super hunky!!!!! Super, super hunky, can I stay here and stalk your page all day!?

    PS I gave you a blog shout today ;)

  7. Thanks so much Jen!! Feel free to stay and stare all day!!!!

    Famer's Wife, i am doubly looking forward to this movie...I remember renting the Ramona videos from the library when I was a kid. Loved them!

    Thanks for stopping by everyone!!