Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Hunksday!!

Yes, we're a day early this week....but I am participating in a really fun blogfest definitely stop back!!!

Last week I gave a Soap hunk, but I can't go on without showing off my most favorite Soap Opera Star! He's another 40+ hottie, which only goes to show....age is sometimes just a number!

And I have to admit, when they announced him as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, I actually jumped out of my seat and screamed with glee!

I present, Cameron Mathison:

And I have to add these last two...yes..that is me...ON HIS LAP..with my hand on his arm and his arms around me! When he pulled me onto his lap..he told me I smelled good! SWOON! Last is me and my friend who went with me to the meet n greet at the mall. (This is 10 years ago though, July 2000. He's aged a bit since then, but haven't we all????)

He had to bend in this last one...he's so tall!

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  1. oooh thank you for the early post!!! I really needed that pick me up lol

  2. You're welcome Teenage Bride!!! I am here to serve my readers! ;)

    Thanks for stopping by ladies!!

  3. HOW! Oh-M-Gee HOW, did you get so lucky? And, where and when can I run into that hunk-o-luck???? 40+? Really? Haaaawwwwt!

    Again, thank you for sharing my-lady!!

  4. LOL Farmer's Wife!! He will be 41 next week actually! The meet n greet happened completely by chance. I was at the mall...a mall I rarely go to...and there was a sign about the meet n greet!