Thursday, August 19, 2010

Guess the Character Blogfest!!!!

This is such a cool blogfest and I am so excited to be participating!!! My new bloggy friend Jen at Unedited is hosting please please please check her out!!!

So..for this blogfest, I have to give you guys a little excerpt about my character- something to give you an idea of their voice and personality. And then tomorrow, I will post a photo of what my character actually looks like!

Here is a scene from A Bitch Named Karma! Enjoy!

Later that morning, the elevator door opened to the offices of Smith & Roland, people sprinting around, every one with armloads of papers and boxes. The place normally resembled the theater a few blocks down that only showed nature documentaries—quiet and boring with most of the audience half asleep. Something was definitely up.

Val's office looked like a battle had just taken place. I stepped around cardboard boxes as she popped up from behind her desk.

“What's going on?” I asked.

“Oh, Lexi. Everything is a mess! I don't even know how to tell you this. You better sit down.” Her gravity-defying hair looked a bit more frizzed out than normal. “I'm not gonna be your editor anymore.”

“That's ridiculous.”

She sighed and sat in her chair. “It's true.”

“I don't believe it.”

“Here, look.” Val brought up the email sent to her the afternoon before, from Mr. Smith's secretary no less. A short and simple “Please clear out your office within twenty-four hours and report to Human Resources for your new job assignment.”

After reading the single line of text that so swiftly changed Val's career, I wanted to scream and cry and throw myself on the ground in a toddler-esque tantrum yelling, “No! No! No!”

“Your last royalty check—it wasn't a mistake,” she said and looked to me with glossy eyes. “Your book sales have dropped. So have some of my other authors. They say it's all my fault.”

She stood and began placing some things in a box as she told me about her replacement—an outsider. This supposed miracle-worker of an editor had been lured away from another publishing house. Mr. Smith and Mr. Roland needed to make some major changes for the good of the company and hoped the big bucks they threw at this new woman would save it.

“She's here already,” Val said, stifling her tears. “You're meeting with her today in her temporary office. As soon as I'm cleared out, she'll be moving in here.”

My relationship with Val far surpassed the editor-author marriage. We were also friends. She'd established my career and walked me through my first publishing experience. She'd given me my first big break and now she was my rock. How the hell would I do any of this without her?

As she reached to pull one of her photos off the wall, she broke down crying. I did the only thing I could think of.

“These assholes can't fuck you over like this! This is unacceptable! If they don't give you your job back, I'll walk!”

“Lexi, no. They mean business. For the sake of your career, you need to stay put.”
Our eyes met. She was serious. I'd trusted Val on every aspect of my career in the past, no questions asked, and had no reason to doubt her advice now.

“Fine. I'll meet with her. But if I don't like her, she can go to hell. They all can.”

I walked down the hall confident as my Manolo Blahniks click-clacked on the marble, ready to raise some hell. A hand-written sign had been plastered to the door: Sheila Brown— Editor. The scent of a black Sharpie wafted into my nostrils as I pounded on the door. I heard a screechy “Come in” and found a middle-aged woman sitting behind the desk.

She flipped through a manuscript and didn't look up when I strode through the door.

“Sit, Ms. Marshall.”

“I didn't tell you who I am.” I wanted to show off my tough side.

“I already know,” she said and finally looked up at me. A fluorescent shade of pink lipstick decorated her lips, doing nothing to improve her ghastly pale skin and salt-and-pepper bob. “I've read all your books, including the latest.”

“Oh, I see.”

She was well prepared for only being on the job one day.

“Marisol Takes Manhattan, your newest and first in a series.” She paused to push her glasses up on her nose, and I awaited her praise. “It absolutely sucks.”

Feeling like a vacuum had sucked all the air out of my lungs, I struggled for oxygen. Everything around me went gray and the words “absolutely sucks” echoed in my brain over and over. I'd slaved over this book for the better part of six months, making every sentence perfect.

A shrill laugh blared into my ears. It sounded familiar. I couldn't place it, but knew it didn't come from Sheila. She sat emotionless.

“What do you mean? Are you sure you read the whole thing?”

“Yes, every boring, plotless, cliché-filled word.”

The room started to spin and a tingle radiated throughout my legs. Fearful that I might black out, I moved a box of office supplies from a chair and sat down. I breathed slowly and deeply, staring at her, wondering if I‟d heard her right. How could she possibly say that? I was Lexi Marshall—a multi-published author. Women adored my books. They devoured them. This malicious statement insulted every fiber of my being.

My temperature began to rise as bewilderment changed to anger. Ms. Editor handed me my disc, then ripped some sheets from a legal pad and shoved those at me, too. They were filled top to bottom with chicken scratch.

“I made notes for you. Revise and have it back to me in two weeks.”

Finally finding the confidence and attitude I‟d possessed before entering her office, I asked, “And what if I refuse?”

“Then you can try and sell your garbage to another publisher.”

And if you want to find out what happens next, stop by this post and enter my contest for a signed copy of A Bitch Named Karma!!!


  1. I get a feeling that Lexi is going to get her fighting spirit back. I loved her click-clacking down the hall, ready to raise some hell!

    I think she's auburn, a dark classy red-head who loves fashionable clothes and glasses - somehow I see her in designer glasses.

  2. Oh wow! This girl is a chic on a mission. She has confidence written all over her. She is tall and skinny. Attractive but certainly not dainty. She has reddish brown hair and an attitude that will throw anyone for a loop.

  3. I see her with dark or auburn hair that is fairly long and slightly curled, (like with hot rollers). A plain but pretty face and snapping eyes that would command emotions. I also see her dressed in a chic outfit, like a modern dress suit, but very cute.

  4. You TEASE!!! You know how bad I want this book and here you are being so sweet and posting another snippet of it! I feel so lucky! Oh the things you do for me ;)

    My Guess: She is one hell of a chick! Most certainly on a mission! I picture Auburn locks right above her shoulder, Tall and skinny, blue eyes and an oval shaped face. She is pretty and can surprise everyone with her bold personality!

    I adored this piece! Thanks for joining in on the fun! I'm loving this blog fest and appreciate your entry!

  5. OO I think she has short brown hair, dark intelligent eyes, shes tall and slender. Nice pick for this fest. I enjoyed it

  6. These are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun to read!!!!!! I cannot wait for everyone to see the reveal tomorrow!!

  7. Firey red hair that matches her attitude. Crystal eyes, slender, but tough.

  8. I think she's fit, but solid. Stylish and independent. Her hair is dark brown, about to her shoulders and always the rest of her. Eyes are a bewitching green. NOT someone to cross.

  9. I'm picturing Kate Hudson in How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days - beautiful, blonde, very thin, very professional.

  10. Oooooh, what a jerk! LOL. Nicely done.

    I picture Lexi somehow as an olive-skinned beauty with shiny black hair and rich brown eyes. She's curvy and super stylish. Dramatic red lipstick. Well put-together.

  11. I'd say curvy, brown hair, hazel eyes, with thick lips, and fair complexion. She's very loyal and once she has a cause she fights for it.

    Loved the scene! Can't wait to meet her tomorrow. :D

  12. What a fun idea!

    I pictured her as curvy with long dark brown hair and chocolate eyes. Above all, She's someone who's always trendy and chic.

  13. You guys are awesome!!!! Can't wait to see what you think tomorrow!!

  14. This was a great snippet! I wasn't ready to stop reading!

    Okay, I'm picturing long dark hair, brown eyes and an average frame.

    Can't wait to see your reveal!

  15. I'm thinking long brown hair, green eyes, and a nicely toned, and golden tanned body. She's a little taller than average, so 5'6".

    Oh I can't wait. This sounds good!

  16. Pooor Lexi. I'd hate to be in her shoes. :(

    I imagine her tall, thin, regal. She has a pinched face and blonde hair with lowlights. She has thin lips and green eyes.