Thursday, December 31, 2009

My PSA for the day...

Friends don't let drunk friends go to the bathroom alone.

I was at an after Christmas party a few days ago. It was held at a venue downtown..a club sort of place where concerts are sometimes held. The party had a DJ spinning 90's tunes and there were two performers: an ACDC cover band and Tone Loc. My good friend wanted to go to celebrate his birthday (which was on Christmas), so a bunch of us went. It was only $20 a person if you bought your ticket before a certain date. Oh and it included open bar from 10 till 2.

We had a fantastic time- dancing and belting out the lyrics to the songs we jammed to in high school. Drinks were flowing and going down quite nicely but we are a pretty responsible bunch and know our limitations. We make sure there are DD's and everyone gets home safe.

And I was never so thankful for my fantastic girlfriends as I was when I stood waiting in line in the bathroom. From under one of the stalls you could see a women, obviously extremely plastered, who was sitting on the floor. Half her butt crack was hanging out. Then she layed down.

Now if you've never been to something like this...imagine for a moment, a public bathroom, disgusting enough on it's own, but now people are spilling drinks. The floor is sopping wet with a mix of liquor and who knows what else. I was completely grossed out when the hem of my jeans got all wet...imagine that all over your body. Yuck...gross...hand me a gallon of hand sanitizer.

So anyway, this girl is laying on the floor and she's crying. She sits up and she's obviously trying to open the door and she can't. Her shoes came now she's barefoot. Those of us on the outside are now trying to help her. One girl somehow gets in and is helping her. I go to the bathroom and leave.

But the whole time I'm wondering...where the hell are this girl's friends??? There was no one there with her.

So my advice this New Year's Eve...please....don't let your drunk friends go to the bathroom just never know when they'll end up alone on the floor crying.

Have a fun and safe New Year's Eve celebration! And be responsible!!


  1. That's such a sad story. That poor girl. Now I'll wonder if she made it home okay.

    I hope your New Year's is blessed with eveything you wish for. And no more drunk people on the ladies room floor.

  2. Ugh, that's terrible. I never drink without good friends I can trust, and none of us have ever left each other. Even though one night in college, that meant chasing my excessively drunk buddy in a game of hide-and-seek throughout campus at 2am. Luckily for me, she kept giving herself away by giggling. I really wanted to abandon her after about an hour of trying to get her back to the dorm, but I didn't (now it seems funny, but then... not so much).

  3. I have almost gotten to a point where I don't even want to drink around anyone anymore. As soon as I find that someone I know is getting to tipsy and is still drinking, I lose all fun factor from my own drinking. I feel completely responsible for them. It's really got me quite annoyed with the whole process.

  4. Makes me think of the scene in Wedding Singer when they all go out drinking, and Julia downs a bit too much, but her good friend takes care of her. Then the next morning she's apologizing to the friend and says, "I think I threw up on your shoes" and her friend is like, "Yeah, but it's OK. They were your shoes." LOL It's a really good drunk scene, and so true to life. One minute you're belting out "China Girl" and the next, the party is OVER.

  5. LOL! Yes!!! Been there, done that!!! Love Wedding Singer!!