Monday, December 14, 2009

Good old-fashioned RomCom!!!

I write contemporary romance and if my books ever become movies...oh...wait....and now my brain has entered the dreamy state of "what if" land...

~~~~ Oh it's so lovely here! My books are adored by millions and so beloved that my story MUST be on the big screen. I see myself walking The Red Carpet for the movie premier of my first flashes come from all directions as reporters call me over to ask who I'm wearing and what my inspiration was for writing the book. Inside the Capitan Theater in Hollywood, I get to sit between Zac Efron and Cameron Mathison, the two leading men in the movie. Life is good!~~~~~~~

Okay, now I'm movies would most definitely be grouped into Romantic Comedy. I LOVE a good RomCom!! It's probably my most favorite genre of movies. I love to laugh, first of all, and I'm a sucker for the sappy stuff. If it makes me cry....oh yeah...even better!!!

But lately.....most of the RomComs I've rented have been serious duds. I know all romantic books and movies are predictable...the HEA (Happily Ever After) is a given...but still. Make the reader/watcher at least wonder a little bit!!

I watched two movies this week on TV...I've seen them a ZILLION times and it doesn't matter...I cry every time!!

Overboard's old...came out over 20 years ago....doesn't matter one bit! Kurt Russell was still young and Goldie Hawn still had a real face. (I noticed how much Kate Hudson really looks like her mom!) What a story of opposites attract!! And the transformation of a hoity toity rich b%&#* into a loving mother and irresponsible trash into a respectable man. At the end she remembers who she is and tells her "family" she doesn't belong there....the kids run after the limo and the youngest yells "You said moms never leave!". OMG...I'm tearing up just typing it!!! But then Kurt goes after her and Goldie turns her yacht to go back for him and they are reunited! He then finds out the money is all hers and asks- "What can I possibly give you that you don't already have?"....she replies, after gazing lovingly at the boys.... "A little girl." That's good stuff!!

You've Got Mail The story of the big corporation squashing the little guy...but what they don't know is that they're secret internet names, no faces...just emails and chats. They connect in cyberspace and start to fall in love...then they decide to meet. He sees it's her and stands her up.....he knows the guy in real life is not who she wants. He starts to befriends her and says something to her that makes her think her secret man might be him. She asks to meet in real life again...... they agree on a park. "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" is playing in the background..she starts to cry when she sees it's him. He says "Don't cry Shopgirl" (her internet screen name). And she says "I wanted it to be you." I totally melt here!!!!

The Notebook Don't think this one is RomCom but I couldn't write this post without mentioning it. This movie invokes tears...not just the watering of my eyes....I'm talking full on waterworks....bucketfuls come soaring down my cheeks. And the end...when she remembers but then falls back into her dementia...I can't even imagine the pain of that. Then at the very end...they die in each others arms....don't all couples in love wish they go that way???

What are your favorite RomComs??? How do they make you feel when you watch them???


  1. I love Overboard! It's one of my sure-thing movies when I can't find anything to watch. It and Dolly Parton's 1992 movie, Straight Talk (great movie!) ;-)

  2. You mentioned both of my fav's You've Got Mail, and The Notebook!! I talked my mom into getting You've Got Mail for the family for Christmas!! I'm so excited to see it again!

  3. I'll agree with you- I stopped watching Romantic Comedies because they got so bad. I like Return to Me and You've Got Mail.

  4. We saw "New In Town" with Renee Zellweger and Harry Connick Jr. and that one was surprisingly good!! I felt very disappointed in "He's Not that Into You" and "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past". Even "The Proposal" wasn't as great as I'd hoped....but a side view of a naked Ryan Reynolds FAR made up for that!!

  5. I love Overboard and You've Got Mail (especially since I met my hubby online). But my favorites that I can watch again and again are Sleepless in Seattle and When Harry Met Sally (yes, I'm a sucker for Meg Ryan).

  6. Love Overboard, watched back at home in Kenya when I didn't know GH was married to KR. It's still one of my favorites. I'm trying to recall who's in You got Mail...must rewatch pronto. Never watched the Notebook thought my MIL had a copy...

  7. Actually Bella, Kurt and Goldie have never been married! They've been together forever...just nothing on paper! You'e got mail is Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan! Notebook is a must watch!! With a box of tissues handy!

    Roni, I have never seen When harry met Sally. I've seen little parts here and there but never the entire movie. I know...pathetic of me! :)