Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New computer!!!

I did it...took the plunge into the world of Mac.

For the longest time, every time I had an issue with my PC and posted my frustration on any social networking site, I'd get a flurry of "Get a Mac!" comments. I'd said "No way, Jose!" for many reasons. I was used to a PC...that's all I knew. No desire to take the time to learn something completely new and foreign. My husband's uncle was our PC guy...he did our maintenance and was the go-to guy for any issues. If I got a Mac, I'd lose him. And lastly, let's be honest, Macs are REALLY expensive, at least for what I'd wanted/needed.

So, fast forward to last week and me, for the umpteenth time, being completely frustrated with my 5 year old laptop. Hubby gave the a-ok to go ahead and get a new computer. Now the big question: stay PC or try a Mac. Hubby leaned toward Mac, which kind of surprised me since it was more expensive. We headed to the mall and the Apple Store to check them out. NOT a good place to be on a Saturday at the biggest mall in our area.

So...we made plans to go back mid-week, mid-day, when we could have some one-on-one time with an Apple person. In the meantime, I did my research, I asked my Twitter friends, I sought advice from a trusted friend who is a Mac fan. By the time we went back to the Apple Store, I was 95% sure I would be walking out with one. I went armed with a notebook sheet of dummy questions. And the Apple guy was so nice and awesome and answered them all without making me feel stupid. I think that's what sold me right there. The people who work at the Apple store are A-MAZE-ING!

The price was most definitely way more than I could have gotten an ample PC for, BUT I did opt for the bigger machine. I wasn't sure I'd be perfectly happy with a 13" screen...I'd been using a 15" for the last 5 years. 2 inches doesn't seem like a lot....but it really is. (So glad I got the 15") And so far everything has been great. Amazing how much faster a brand spanking new computer is!! And I did opt to purchase Microsoft Office for Mac....well worth the extra $150. I just cannot learn a whole new OS AND a new word processing system at the same time!!

So far I am very happy!! How about you? Do you love your computer? Whatcha got?? Would you ever switch??


  1. I have a Dell Inspiron that I love but it is falling apart. I dont' mind Mac machines but I don't want to own one. For word processing and internet surfing and watching Netflix I just don't need that expensive a computer. If I was more artistically inclined, I might need it, since those programs all run better on Mac.

    I need a new PC so badly but I'm trying to make the Dell last me for awhile. I a am die hard Dell fan but I use an HP at work and it's winning me over.

    1. Mine was so bad it was starting to really hinder my productivity. So frustrating. many times I would actually scream out loud. Hubby didn't even have to ask what was wrong....he knew. A PC is probably fine for me...but everyone says they never get viruses and they never get slow....which were my frustrations with my PC. I guess we'll have to see. The battery life of this thing is fab though!

  2. I got a MacBook Pro a few years ago and never looked back! Every PC I owned just got blogged down with junk and slower over time. I hated all the "patches" and fixes you needed to update it with. My husband's always been a Mac guy, so I've had exposure to them over the years. It wasn't too hard of a switch. One tip - yes, the Apple store at Galleria is great, but if you ever have something wrong w/ your computer and need to bring it in, sometimes it can be a long wait. There is an authorized Mac dealer in Eastern Hills mall, called MacSolutions. They repair Macs faster and often cheaper! They have a store in W. Seneca too. But hopefully you'll never need their help. :)

    1. Yes! Those are the exact things i'm hoping to avoid!!! I have heard rave reviews of MacSolutions....and walked by many times at EH mall. :) I'll def keep it in mind! Thanks!