Monday, March 5, 2012

Blogging about what I want to blog about!

I have struggled since the beginning of this blog on what to actually talk about. In the beginning, I was unpublished. I blogged mainly to learn about writing, to meet other writers, share what little I knew. But that meant my blog was only interesting to a limited group of people. And that's not what I wanted. I tried to mix it up. But I I always worry...that no one cares, no one wants to read. But I really enjoy blogging.

The last 6 months to a year, my readership seems to have dropped severely. Maybe people are still reading, but they're sure not commenting. I need to check my stats and see how many visitor I still get each day, despite the very few comments.

I wish I knew what people wanted to read about.

So instead of wondering, I'm just going to blog about whatever I feel like!! LOL! I'll write about what interests me, what bugs me, what makes me laugh. I like to connect with people on all kinda of levels. That's what blogging is all about. At least for me it is.

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  1. I don't always know either Stephanie. My blogging style has changed too; now I mostly post book reviews, guest authors, and blogfests. Some days I don't visit the blogs at all.

    I see you're joining the A-Z challenge, so there are at least 26 posts :) I'm taking an internet break to get some writing done during April.

    BTW I don't know if its just me - blogger does weird stuff to me lately - but I couldn't see your post undil I clicked on the comments box. Is that something intentional because of the adult content warning? That might be scaring off a few blog readers.

    Posting what makes you happy is probably the best way to utilize your blog :)

    Have a good day Stephanie.