Monday, March 12, 2012


I am a big supporter of being happy in life and doing what you need to do to live a happy life. Life is FAR too short to spend it miserable. Whenever I see unhappy people, I wonder why they aren't doing anything to change their situation. I've seen it many times. It makes me sad. Maybe they can't change it...maybe they don't have the energy. Who knows. But I will not live my life being unhappy. my life, I will not deprive myself of anything. We live within our means and do what we can, but I want to make the most of our time here. We know well from experience that life can be taken away in the blink of an eye. I want no regrets.

So no...we don't have tons of cash in a savings account. We spend our money on things that make us happy. But not so much in the way of belongings. Yeah, I do like to wear nice clothes, but I am a super bargain shopper.  We like to take trips, go to the movies, go out to eat. Unfortunately, there is little that is free in this world. You can't even go to the park for free, at least not the bigger state and national parks. Even those have an admission fee.I know other people find happiness in a big fat savings account...I'm just not one of them.

I love to eat. There is just something so satisfying about a fabulous meal. Comforting. And I won't deny myself that joy so I can be super skinny. (Honestly, even if I could be, I wouldn't want to be stick-like...I like looking like a woman.) Luckily I have always had a relatively easy time staying thin. But that doesn't mean I don't gain weight. I watch what I eat. I exercise. Exercise is very important to me and so is being healthy and doing what I can to stay that way. But I splurge too. I exercise so I can eat what I want and not feel guilty about it. I'm gonna enjoy my life and part of that is enjoying what I eat. I don't splurge all the time, but the rest of the time I'm not going to be miserable either. I would be miserable on a no carb diet, so I will never do it. I try to eat things that are healthy and good for me, but things I also enjoy. I've been pretty lucky finding lots of great recipes. And again, other people may find happiness in having only 5% body fat and eating cardboardly food all day every day, but not me.

Lastly is hobbies and music and movies and all other entertainment forms. I will not avoid what makes me happy because others think it is silly or weird or not worth the time. I like what I like and I won't let anyone else's opinion stop me from enjoying how I spend my free time. I like boy bands and have seen NKOTB several times over the last few years. I am in my mid-30's a take a dance class that performs on stage during recital. I enjoy crafting and scrapbooking. I ADORE Disney World!!!! It used to really bother me when people would say "You're going there again?" Yeah....I am. And I love every minute I spend there. I'd go far more often if we could afford it.

So, my advice for today is to do what makes you happy. As long as you aren't hurting anyone else, go nuts!! It's your life. Don't let anyone make you feel like less of a person for doing what makes you happy. Leave this earth without regrets. I'm sure no one dies and says "Damn, I really took way too many vacations when I was alive."


  1. Great post, Stephanie. I know a lot of people who get sucked into negative thinking and it's hard to break out of that habit. It's nice to hear someone say that they are unapologetically happy!

    1. Thanks! I know it must be hard to do...and I guess I'm lucky I can just ignore the outside world and do what makes me happy. It's not easy...there are times I find myself worrying what other people think...but I try to give myself a virtual slap in the head during those times. :)