Thursday, December 1, 2011

I prefer experiences over stuff.

Each year as the holidays approach, we are asked by our parents what we'd like for Christmas, what to get the kids, etc..... And every year we make a list. I include lots of ideas for gift certificates and things. I do this because we prefer to have experiences. Our kids have tons of toys. They don't need more. What we always want to do is take them places, do things, go to the movies, go to the museum, even Chuck E. Cheese. Because it's fun. We have fun together. We make memories. But as a one income family, we can't afford to do those things often.

THANKFULLY, my mother in law actually listened this year and bought the family season passes for a local amusement park. We've had them before, but not this past summer, and several times the kids had asked to go. Had to tell them "no". We ended up going once...we got some free passes from our nephew who worked there this summer.

I know the main reason they do not prefer to give things like that is because there is no real gift to open. My daughter is 8, almost 9, so she can read and gets it. If she got a gift card for Chuck E Cheese, she would know what it was and know what it meant right away. Our son, he's only 3, almost 4-- he probably wouldn't get it.

What are your favorite gifts to receive?? Do you like giving things like gift certificates?

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  1. My kids are old enough to start appreciating gift cards, because they can pick out what they want. Still, on Christmas they want to see those presents.

    I got a membership to Costco from my in-laws last year. It was the best gift they've given me in 18 years. And I use it nearly every week. I asked for it again this year. :)

    What if the gift card came with a gift that went along with it - like a bag of tokens for Chuckie Cheese, or a frame to put a picture of your trip to the amusement park in? Something little to wrap that isn't expensive and that adds to the excitement. Just a thought.