Monday, December 5, 2011

Cooker, baker, or neither???

This time of year everyone is baking and making sweet treats to share. I love enjoying the sweet treats, not so much a fan of making them. Not really sure what it is. Maybe it's the preciseness. Everything has to be measured and be exact or you can really screw it up. Maybe it's the time it takes. Maybe it's all the prep. Nothing is ever quick or easy. And there's the mess. No baking project is ever clean.

I much prefer to cook. I am no chef, but I can follow a recipe pretty well. It just seems easier to me.

But I'm sure there are people who look at cooking and feel the same way I feel about baking.

What about you? Do you like one over the other...or do you avoid it all?


  1. My husband does ALL the cooking and grocery shopping, but I love to bake. My 14yo son has decided he loves to bake too, though, so now I don't get to do much of either. I guess I'm spoiled. :-)

  2. Hubby does most of the cooking. I'm the baker.

  3. I love both. I love cooking because I can make it up as I go. Soup is awesome - you just keep throwing things in until it tastes yummy. :)

    Baking is messy - and time consuming. That's true. But I love doing it. It makes the kitchen smell good, and there's nothing better than fresh bread, cookies, or cakes!