Monday, December 26, 2011

Who got an eReader for Christmas???

I didn't get one (though I already own a two-year old one that I am dying to replace with a fancy new model!!) but I did give one! My mom seemed really excited to get it.

On my hubby's side, three people got a device of some sort- one got a Nook, another a Kindle, and another a Kindle Fire. And all are excited to start reading on them...and want to read my books! :)

My SIL mentioned that she wanted one, but prefers paper books. I said "Just wait til you read on the'll never want to go back." She says she's heard that from other people. And for most I really think it's the truth. So many people bash digital book readers, but have never even used one.

I'm excited for all these eReader gifts! I have books that are only available in digital format. I'm hoping to see a rise in sales...especially with my next book releasing in a few weeks. I'd hoped it would be available in print just like the first in the series was, but my publisher has but an indefinite stop on print. They are just not selling. They tripled their digital sales from last year...but received far too many returns on print.

So...did you get a digital reading device for Christmas?? Did you give one?? Any books you're excited to read this year???


  1. I have a 1-year-old Kindle that I'm perfectly happy with. But I gave my husband a Nook touch so he can take books out of our library....only to find they also loan out Kindle books now, too!

  2. LOL! The Kindle borrowing thing is pretty new I think! :) I got to play with my mom's new Kindle and it is really nice. So much faster and fancier than my Sony :)

  3. I got myself a Nook Color last year. Best. Gift. EVER. I ramped my reading up by leaps and bounds this year! I've got a lot of friends who got Kindles/Kindle fires/Nooks. SO EXCITING for them to discover the world of EBooks and such convenient reading.

  4. Most everyone in my family received an ereader last Christmas, and we all use them a lot. I do hope to get a tablet device in the next year.

  5. If a person loves to read - they might not buy themselves an e-reader - but if gifted one, they will love it! :-)

    What do you mean, print returns? Really? Hmfptf. Good luck with the e-reader sales though! Go Karma Kameleon!! (And, your other books too!!)

  6. Basically, if a book store buys say 20 copies of a book, but only sells 10, they can return the rest to the publisher for a refund. :(