Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Easy Peasy...My 1st NaNo Experience.

I have been hearing about NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) for years. But there was always something going on that made it impossible for me to participate. And for something like this, for me, failure is not an option. When I commit to something, I do it. If there is a chance that I will just not be able to do it completely and give my full effort, I won't commit.

But this year I had nothing going on. I wanted to finish my work in progress by the end of the year. It was halfway finished and another 50,000 words would be perfect. Technically I was breaking NaNo "rules" by not starting a brand new project, but oh well. I learned I wasn't the only NaNo rebel out there.

So here's my thoughts on NaNo.

The NaNo website is great. Lots of supportive people there. And you can fine other writers in your area and get together for writing dates and such. very cool. I didn't do it..just not an option for me, but cool for others.

The word count at first seemed daunting, but it's really not. I usually give myself a 1000 word goal for the day when I am in active creating mode. (I often switch between weeks/months of only creating mode or editing mode. I prefer not to do both at once. Just my personal writing style.) So, the most I have ever written in a month's time has been about 30,000 words. I can't write everyday, with the family and other obligations, but I made up my word count other days. So I wasn't real sure I'd be able to do NaNo and keep up. But I surprised myself and wrote over 8000 words the first three days. I did fall behind...there were 4 days I wrote nothing. Just had lots going on personally. But in the end, I wrote over 52,000 words. It wasn't nearly as hard as I'd thought. It was a matter of just getting on the computer and writing....just doing it, no excuses.

As with any writing venture, you can't complete it without drive and determination. Part of mine was not wanting to fail. It's a great motivator.

How did all my blogging friends do on NaNo this year??

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  1. A personal best for me this year. I wrote the complete rough draft of a YA paranormal (80K) and finished a few days early so I also wrote a 7K sweet romance short story.