Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Hunksday!

Got the idea for today's hunky guy from an adorable chick flick!! DVR'd it the other night and watched it. This guy isn't drool-worthy, per say, but he's just got this-boy-next door sex appeal. And that smile....heart melting!

Loved him in The Notebook, 27 Dresses and of course, Enchanted, too! And he had me laughing hysterically in Death at a Funeral. I'm not all into Xmen and whatever, but I'm sure he was hot in that too!

I present, James Marsden:


  1. oh i dont know he seems at least a little drool worthy to me haha


    Not drool worthy? I don't know where you come from Stephanie, but he is all hunk, all sexy, and most certainly drool worthy!

  3. LOL!! He is definitely cute...very boy next door!!