Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Hunksday!

This week's hottie I discovered a few years ago while watching an Amanda Byne's movie titled "She's the Man". LOVE that movie!!! If you haven't seen it, basically Amanda's character wants to play soccer on the boys team but they won't let her so she transfers out of school and takes her brother's spot on a different school's team....and pretends to be a boy. She then shacks up with our featured hunk, her assigned roomie in the dorm, and of course, falls madly in love with him.

He's been in several other movies since then and I was reminded of his hotness once again the other night while flipping channels and catching "Step Up".

May I present, Channing Tatum:


  1. So I may have this smile on my face that just won't go away....maybe. I'm not confirming anything ya know?

  2. AAAHHH - GAGA - AAAAHHH!!! My Sweetie'O'Peetie!

    my hunk of hawtness! I totally *heart* Channing Tatum; even his name is adorable. He's been in several movies thought I haven't seen the one you mentioned.

    STEP-UP. All sweet, and hawtie and dancin' genious! He's married to the co-star of that movie, BTW! ;-)

  3. He was great in 'Dear John' too; though, the script writers totally screwed the movie up by changing the ending [BIG TIME] from the book.

  4. Yes, I did know he married his co-star from Step Up!! She's the man is a very cute movie!! I saw Dear John, but I did not read the I liked the ending....though I know it is different from the book. I'm a romantic...I so wanted them to end up together!!