Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy Hunksday

This week I chose another hunk that is rather new to my list. I first remembered seeing him in Wedding Crashers, but he was a total doucebag, so he wasn't real appealing to me. But then came The Hangover and holy cow.....he was hot in the beginning and then just as hot later on, all dirty with a bloody lip.

Bradley Cooper...tasty!!!

And now that you're all hot 'n bothered, here's something sweet....Bethany at Aspirations is celebrating her 100 followers by giving away some awesome prizes!! Please check it out!!!


  1. Love Bradly Cooper! Thanks for the link!

  2. Plus anyone who can make me laugh is a big plus! Loved him in The Hangover!

  3. I am beginning to notice a pattern with my man candy posts...most have blue eyes!! :)

    Sondrae, the Hangover was so funny....and laughter is such a huge thing for me too!

  4. lol. I first saw Bradley Cooper on Alias. Total Swoon. :)