Monday, September 27, 2010

And now your answers!!!!!

Huge thanks to everyone who posted questions on Friday and through the weekend!! Please feel free to post more questions!!! This is really fun!! Click here to be taken the the post!!

Question #1 is from Teenage Bride! "What inspired you to become a writer?"

I've always loved creating things...scrapbooks, crafts, meals, stories, even choreographed dances. Even as a child I spent most of my time doing those types of things instead of science experiments or sports. I always kept a diary and wrote and illustrated little stories too. As I grew up, ideas would pop into my head from time to time...random things at random times. I would say to myself "That would make a really great book or movie!" Then one day...I actually wrote the idea down and then expanded on it...and thought about where the entire story would go. I remember feeling so unbelievably accomplished after writing eleven pages (single spaced). That's when it sparked for me. I abandoned that story and went on to something else a little nearer and dearer to my heart...and that only fanned the tiny flame. It grew into a full out bonfire and it was official...I loved writing fiction!!

Question #2 comes from Jenn Johansson: "Do you think you've had a "big break" yet in your career? If so, what was it?"

I call it my medium break, though I hope it doesn't come off sounding like I don't appreciate it, because I SOOO do!!! When I originally started dreaming about becoming an author, I of course saw my book in my hands, on bookstore shelves, on best seller lists...I saw myself at readings and books signings with a mile long line of fans! (and possibly a movie deal too! LOL!) Bottom line, I saw my story being adored by lots of people. So when I started my quest for this dream, I took the traditional route. I queried agents. And I queried some more. I revamped and queried again. And I let my story sit and wrote another one. I went back and reworked it again after a significant amount of time had passed. And I queried yet again. But I still was sitting at the starting line. And then I happened across some small independent digital publishers. I submitted, even though I knew very little about digital publishing. And then, just like that...I had a publishing contract in my inbox. I adore my publishers, Lyrical Press...they are an amazing group of people!! They were very small when they started out and are growing every week it seems! I know they have the potential to become very very big!!!! I hope to grow with them. But I do still crave seeing my book in a bookstore. Nothing will ever take that desire away. So for as much as I am thankful for this amazing chance I've been given, I will still try to grab the attention of an agent. :)

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