Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More answers to your questions!

Here are some more of your questions! If you haven't posted a question yet, please feel free to go to last Friday's post and ask away!

Question #3 comes from Stephanie Faris: "What are your biggest dreams when it comes to your writing career?"

My biggest career dream is to just share my story with readers and have them tell me how much they loved it and identified with my character...they laughed, they cried...it had everything they wanted and more! I'd love to be able to make a decent living doing what I love..I won't lie...we can use more money than we currently have!! LOL! And I'd love to walk into a book store and see someone pick up my book, read the blurb, then add it to their pile of purchases...that would just be so awesome!!

Question #4 comes from Bethany Mattingly: "As a kid we all think of what we'll be like as adults. What did you think you'd be like? How close are you?"

When I was a kid, I always imagined myself as a mom with a tidy perfect house. I saw myself making dinner and having it on the table for my husband- a tall blonde man with glasses who wore a suit to work. I honestly don't remember myself having a job...my mom stayed home with us kids for many years...she didn't get a job until we were older and even then, she didn't start til after we went to school and was home when we got home. That was just what I knew back then. And in all honesty, my life is somewhat similar. I did work for many years in my chosen field but knew all along that I wanted to be home for our children. I ran a business out of my home for several years but ended it to devote my career to writing instead. I have the two kids but the husband is a little different...nothing like I ever thought I'd end up with actually!! He works in law enforcement and wears a uniform to work...he has dark hair and perfect vision! LOL! (and never ever in my teen years did I ever think I'd end up with the quarterback of the football team superstar jock!) And as far as the house goes...yeah, I do like to have a tidy home (though housekeeping does come second to writing!!) and I enjoy making all kinds of fun recipes for dinner!

And the last for today, question #5 comes from Elizabeth Monroz: "Do you have a regularly scheduled time or word count that you spend writing? If you get stuck, do you take a break?"

I have two modes, creative mode and editing mode. I have trouble doing both at the same time. But when I am in all out creative mode, I stick to a 1000 word a day goal. I do not make the goal every day...life happens. But there are many days I far surpass it..even double it. So those days make up for my short days and when I evaluate my monthly word count, I am usually right on track. This July I added just over 30,000 words to my MS. And I most definitely take breaks. I have to. When i get stuck. I minimize the document and pop in on Facebook or Twitter, I check my email. Depending on what's there, the break is anywhere from 2-5 minutes, and then usually I am good to go. Sometimes I may pop in at a few of the message board communities I belong to for 5-10 minutes...and I come out feeling refreshed. I'll take several little breaks a day. And I admit, I take more frequent breaks while editing...my eyes go buggy staring at the screen, so breaks are necessary!!