Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oh Yeah! That's ME she's talking about!!!!!

I am floating on a cloud right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read my editor's blog post from yesterday (visit her at Piper Patter)...and my heart literally wanted to burst!! I wanted to run around my house screaming, but by son was napping so I held it all inside!

Here is what she said, in case you don't want to go visit her page:

I started reading the new Dan Brown, The Lost Symbol, for a book club, but keep finding myself with the Reader open to the next book I'll be editing... A Bitch Named Karma, by Stephanie Haefner. It's chick-lit (which I'm thrilled to finally have on my editing roster!) and a ton of fun.

Mr. Brown will just have to wait.

As a writer you wait and hope and pray and wish so hard that someday someone will feel the way you do about your book...and then that day comes.....and the feeling is amazing!!! It's up there with my wedding day and the birth of my children!!


  1. That's awesome, Stephanie. What a wonderful thing for her to say. Congratulations.

  2. YOU ROCK, girl!! Can't wait to read it myself. :)