Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Length of blogs...what is best??

I'll admit...there are many times I start reading a blog post and it loses me and I'm barely a quarter of the way in. Is there a need for such lengthy blog posts???

I do see many posts, for writers, giving writing yes, those sometimes have to be long.

Me, I like short posts. I like being able to read some great piece of advice or a quirky story, then comment and be on my merry way. Maybe it's because my blog reading time is limited....if I only have half an stinks to only read one or two.

I try to keep my blog posts short and sweet. I try to make them interesting and able to be read quickly!

What about you??? Do you try to keep posts you strive for epic posts???


  1. My posts are usually longer because of the writing advice thing, but I try to break them up into bullet points and such, so that it can be skimmed if someone is in a hurry and just wants to hit the highlights.

    If I go on a site and it's huge blocks of text, I tend to skip a lot of it since I try to follow so many blogs. I also find huge excerpts of fiction on blogs hard to get through no matter how excellent the writing.

  2. I don't think there is a best for me. Sometimes I love the short posts, somethings I hate them. Sometimes I love the long posts, sometimes I don't.

    Depends on my mood I guess. But I also have more than 30 minutes throughout the day to browse them.

    I can see why you'd dislike long ones. :D

  3. I make the post as long as it needs to be to get my point across - but I do admit, I try to keep my posts as short as possible, or at least try to break them up so they are easy to read. If I have something that's going to obviously be in-depth and crazy long, I do the post in a series.

    I often star the longer posts to read when I have more time.

  4. I try to keep mine as short as I can. I don't mind long posts as long as they have a point. I tend to skim long, meandering blogs.

  5. depends on my mood - whetehr i write or read long posts.

  6. Same here-I don't "try" to write a long post or a short one. I pick whatever topic I feel like writing that day-and let it flow.
    Some days-it takes more time to discuss a topic than others.
    I have to say though-I prefer a long, well thought out blog post than a short about "nothing" post. If blogging is a way for those of us who love to write to do so-then I think two paragraphs kind of defeats that purpose.
    Then again, I'm also long winded-as you can see by this comment. LOL

  7. Oh-and I also limit my blog reading to a handful that I "really" like.

  8. I guess it does depend on what your purpose of blogging is. If it's your only creative outlet...then yeah, I guess blogs would tend to be longer. At this point, I'm still not positive what my blogging purpose is!! I wanted to meet new people and mingle with other writers...commiserate..celebrate!