Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How I Met Your Father- Part 1

I am a huge fan of the sitcom, How I Met Your Mother. Not only is it hilarious, but it fills the void left when Friends went off the air. I can't help it...I'm a sucker for comedy and romance mixed and essentially that's what this show is.

I was inspired by Lady Glamis's post today: http://theinnocentflower.blogspot.com/2009/08/you-asked-some-more.html. One of the questions asked by her readers was how she met her husband and how he proposed. I love love love reading these kind of stories!!! It must be the romantic in me!

So I decided to post my own love story...many of my readers are romance writers, so I thought maybe some of you out there would enjoy reading my story!

I met my hubby in May of 1995. I was a month away from graduating from high school. I had recently broken up with my boyfriend, I was college bound, and had no intentions what so ever of going away to school with a boyfriend at home.

My family camped every summer...no tents or anything, campers..and pretty nice ones complete with airconditioners, stoves, microwaves, tv's and VCR's. We were seasonal which meant we paid a one time fee and kept our camper at the campground for the entire summer- May through October, anyway. We went every weekend during that time. I'd become close friends with a lot of the kids out there as they too came every weekend. One of my friends was a girl who was a couple years younger than me. We all hung out...various ages...it didn't matter. Then one night this older guy came up to camp; we'll call him K. He was the brother of that friend. I'd never seen him before, didn't even know she had an older brother. He was kinda cocky and arrogant and it completely turned me off. We did talk a little bit and found out the college I was going to was trying to recuit him to play football there that fall.

4th of July weekend came that year and it was always the best weekend of the summer. The campground was packed and there were all kinds of activities going on. Us kids all hung out ad made our way to the dance down at the Rec Room. Usually the campground owners hired a DJ for holiday weekends. I danced with all my friends and had a real fun time. K asked me to dance a slow song with him. I agreed. You can always tell when someone wants to kiss you and I was getting those exact vibes from K. I didn't think I really wanted to kiss him. I'd gotten past his cockiness and he was a nice guy...but I don't know...I just didn't think I had feelings for him.

Too be continued....


  1. Ahhhh....
    No. You can't leave off in the middle of the kissing scenes (or even potential kissing scenes).

  2. Oooh, did you kiss him? This is pretty romantic! LOL

  3. Oh, you're leaving us hanging! Well I'm guessing that you kissed him eventually, hehe. Wow, to go camping every single weekend! That's awesome! Although I wouldn't exactly call that camping... I grew up with a father who made us totally rough it. I'm talking sleeping on the ground, swatting bugs, listening the bears outside the tent... yeah.

    Can't wait to read more!

  4. Great story beginning. :) I love How I Met Your Mother too. It's one of my favorite shows. I even named my son after one of the characters (NOT Barney!).

  5. Yeah....we called it camping, but technically it really wasn't!! It was more like a summer cottage....on wheels.