Monday, August 31, 2009

I just don't know what to blog about!!

I am in edit mode and I don't think readers want to know the details of my no no word "search and destroy" missions that I have been doing for weeks. Seems like a boring thing to read about.

So what does one blog about when one doesn't have anything exciting to blog about???

My personal life?

We've had a low key summer...saving money so we can take a Disney trip the end of September. I was very excited to get our travel documents in the mail the other day!!! Just waiting on our airport to resort transfers and luggage tags. Yesterday we went to a local arts festival, bought a bag of not so great kettle corn. Wish I had tons and tons of money to support the AMAZING local artists we have in Buffalo, NY. Finished up back to school and fall/winter clothes shopping for the family: Thank You Old Navy Stuff N' Save Bag!!

The kiddos?

My daughter will be starting 1st grade on Thursday...she's getting so big and so smart! My son is 19 months old, starting to talk up a storm and sometimes he does bad things but they're just so darn funny!

The weather?

We had a mostly rainy nicer as we rolled into August, but now it's getting chilly. Yesterday was only about 64...and it was darn cold out. I had to wear a sweater (albeit a thin one) and ended up covering it with a thin hooded sweatshirt thingy when it started sprinkling at the arts festival.

My editing?

Today I performed "search and destroy" missions for "just" and "then". I really really really must have this thing submitted to my editor before I leave for Disney. I got 29 days!!

Anything else??? Want to know anything about me????

What about you? What do you blog about when you are out of ideas and have nothing exciting to report??


  1. YAY Disney, how exciting. I'm jealous!

  2. I'd take your weather. It's still pushing high 90s and frigging dry around here. I hate the heat, bleh.