Monday, September 14, 2009

Feeling very tired and very unmotivated today

The last two weeks have been a struggle to get into a new routine...back to school and all that. I hoped it would be easy, but it hasn't been. The morning usually goes smoothly..getting my daughter dressed, fed, backpack packed and onto the bus. Then it's clean the house, do things I need to do around here while my son runs around and makes more messes :) Then it's lunch time and after that nap time for my son....and then there is silence....well..sometimes. Hubby works overnight and goes to sleep after our daughter gets on the bus. He usually wakes around 1 or so.....and my silence is then interrupted by the TV.

Aside from the noise...I think I am just so sick of editing that I have lost a lot of my gusto for doing it. I was so excited in the beginning....but here we sit a month a half later..... I am almost done with this last self edit before I send it on to my editor. My goal was to have it to her before I left for my trip (leaving Sept. 30th). It will happen....but I didn't expect to take it down to the wire. Hopefully most fo my gusto will return once I start official edits!


  1. I've found most of the time if I just force myself to sit down and do it. The worst part is dreading it...doing it isn't all that bad.

  2. I have writing ups and downs as well. Don't worry, you'll get back into it. Usually when I do, I write all that much better, so I think that you need a vacation from it sometimes.

    I just sent in my first line edits, so I'm in the same process as you with LPI. :) Good luck!

  3. I think September has a way of sucking the mojo right out of us. October, here we come ;)

  4. Editing can be a drag. I get in moods where I have to force myself to do it as well.