Monday, September 7, 2009

How I Met Your Father Part 3

Sorry for my long absence...between school starting, the hubby being off for a few days, kid-sitting my 16-year old nephew and enjoying the holiday weekend...internet time has been extremely limited!!

So back to the story....

We last ended with our heroine leaving K to go talk to D and never going back. I won't go into details, cause this is a story about me and K, but D and I spent the rest of the weekend together.

I went home after the weekend and kept thinking about K. D was the guy I had always wanted....but for as much as I thought he cared about me, he just never took our relationship to the next level. After that weekend...I felt that we were over. Like it had been a culmination of all those years and I came to the realization that he wasn't what I wanted and would never give me what I needed. He called me that week and I remember sitting there....talking to him about nothing at all and hoping the call ended soon.

Then Friday came again and it's back to camp. K was there again. Some of our friends needed to go into town to refresh their cigarette supply, so K offered to drive. I tagged along for the ride. After that we hung out at the game room and when K was leaving, he asked me if I wanted a ride back to the campsites. I accepted and he drove us the short distance up a hill to another area of the campground. He pulled in front of his family's camper but we stayed in his car and just talked and listened to music. Again I was getting those "I want to kiss you vibes" from him. I still didn't let him kiss me.

Saturday us kids did what we always did and that was swim, hang out, play pool and ping pong in the rec room. Stuff like that. Once again that night I rode with K back up to the campsites and again we parked in front of his camper and talked and listened to music. But this time when I got those "I want to kiss you" vibes, I looked right into his eyes and let him :)


  1. Welcome back. Actually *I* initiated the first kiss with my boyfriend. I'd never done that before!

  2. Awww! I hope it was good. My first kiss with my husband was absolutely mind blowing. I knew right then that we were going to get married (and it was the first date - a BLIND date!)

    Can't wait to hear more!

  3. I still remember my first kiss with my DH, it was so sweet and completely caught me without a warning!

  4. My husband asked permission to kiss me the first time. I was like, "You can't ask. Now it's all awkward." lol Then he kissed me in the middle of my protest.

  5. LOL Fiction Groupie!! That happened to me before...not with my hubby though. It was totally weird after that!! I didn't end up kissing that guy!