Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How I Met Your Father- Part 2

And the story continues....

So K and I are dancing and I'm totally getting the "I want to kiss you" vibe. Song ends, we go our separate ways. Dance ends and our group travels to another area of the campground, where we usually hung out. I'm talking with K and things are going well and then from out of nowhere D appears.

Let's back it up a bit now.......D and I had a very long and elaborate history and I could go on and on about him for days and days...but this is not about our story, it's about me and hubby, so we'll simplify the D story as much as possible. He was the hot guy who was way out of my league who I never ever thought would like me in a million years, but he did. We were never official boyfriend/girlfriend but we were together a lot and there were some special moments.

So anyway, D walks up, I see him and say to K, "I gotta go say "hi" to someone...I'll be right back...." Famous last words...

You got it...I never went back.

To be continued.....


  1. Ack! Never went back? Oh just tell us the whole story in one post. You're killing me here!

  2. You need to post again NOW! :) I am really feeling the suspense...

  3. started today...not time to write a new blog:(

  4. You're right - it is fun to hear how people met their husbands.

    I met mine at work. As teenagers we worked at King's Island, a large amusement park in Ohio. We were in the same food stand. At that time I had another boyfriend who also worked with us. Go forward almost two years and the other boyfriend and I broke up shortly before my Senior Prom. I really really wanted to go, but not stag. I thought about all the guys I knew and I remembered D (hubby) and how nice he'd been to me when E (former boyfriend) was being such a jerk to me. So I asked D and he said yes. Then he also took me to his prom, and after that we were inseparable all summer until he went into the Air Force.