Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Six- Pretty in Plastic!

**This post contains material suitable for ages 18 and over only!**

Here is another posting for my WIP ('s the editing phase, but I guess that's still considered a WIP, right??) This book got a glowing review from a beta..says it's was the best book I've written!

So here goes. And I have to confess...I cheated a bit :( But in my defense, two of my sentences only have two words in them! This is my main character's first time together! He just pulled her into his huge bedroom.

 Before she could take in the d├ęcor too much, Michael was at her back, kissing as he unzipped the rest of her dress and let it drop to the floor. Bobi caught her reflection in the mirror. Who was that hot Playboy centerfold look-a-like?
 It’s me!                           
She watched Michael in the mirror, standing behind her, his eyes locked on hers, hungered like a starved animal’s. Hot, moist kisses on her neck as he reached his hand into the front of her black lace panties.
Oh, God!
Her knees jellied and began to buckle under her.
“Let’s get you into bed.”


  1. Woah, what a tease! And now I'm wondering why Bobi was surprised to see herself looking hot when she caught her reflection in the mirror? Did she get a mega-makeover recently or does she just have confidence issues? Hmmmmm . . .

  2. That certainly caught my attention. You know, I used to be surprised when I looked in the mirror and saw a grown woman looking back. Now I'm surprised when I look in the mirror and no longer see 20 yr old me. Our perceptions of self frequently have nothing to do with reality.

  3. wow.... that is very sensual lol